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Fluid System Considerations for Safe, Reliable Hydrogen Handling

Hydrogen mobility: everything you need to know

Everything You Need to Know About Hydrogen Mobility

Energy generated from green hydrogen is an increasingly hot topic as the energy sector seeks to develop increasingly sustainable solutions. But hydrogen itself can be a challenging gas to handle, meaning that high-integrity fluid system components—throughout green hydrogen production, fuel cells, storage and containment, refueling infrastructure, and on-vehicle systems—are critically important to ensure reliability, longevity, and operator safety. Understanding how to choose the most effective, durable, and efficient components is a critical step in moving hydrogen mobility forward.

Have questions about choosing the best components for hydrogen mobility? We have answers. Below is a directory of Swagelok Reference Point blog posts with information and answers to your questions about mobility and hydrogen transportation. Within these posts, we address and debunk many hydrogen myths. Also, learn more about hydrogen fittings and alternatives.

Hydrogen mobility facts and myths  
Hydrogen fueling station 
Hydrogen mobility valves 
Busting Hydrogen Myths
Hydrogen has the potential to meet modern vehicle fueling needs, providing safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental-friendliness. Learn more about four common hydrogen myths that may make you reconsider.
Anatomy of a Hydrogen Fitting
One of the most formidable challenges in the development of safe, reliable, and leak-tight hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure is the nature of hydrogen itself. While traditional cone and thread fittings have been used in these applications previously, new high-performance options are now available. See what your alternatives are.
What to Look for in Hydrogen Valves
Hydrogen fuel is growing quickly as a mobility solution. To fulfill this potential, hydrogen vehicle and refueling infrastructure must be designed and built with high-quality materials to deliver leak-tight performance that will last for years or even decades. And not just any components are up to the task.



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Want to learn more about hydrogen solutions in action? Check out the following case studies:

Everfuel logo 
Empa logo 
Everfuel: With assistance from Swagelok Denmark and numerous others, Everfuel has picked up the challenge of making hydrogen happen.
Empa: Empa is poised to continue making advancements in the burgeoning hydrogen transportation space–and Swagelok is ready to help.
Guofuhee logo 
pdc logo 
Guofu: Since 2016, Guofu has worked closely with Swagelok Shanghai. Together they continue to pursue the development of safe and reliable hydrogen vehicles and refueling technology. This key partnership offers local sales service and technical expertise.
PDC:  Quality and reliability are essential in these often critical applications. For that reason, PDC Machines has chosen to work closely with Swagelok for more than 30 years.



Learn more about how we serve the entirety of the clean energy sector, from quality products and components to well-rounded service and support.

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