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We offer fluid system products, services, and training for the power generation, storage, and distribution sector that help to ensure safe, efficient, reliable, and sustainable operation.

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The Power to Connect, Convey, Control, and Customize

Swagelok products support a broad range of power industry applicationsCompanies that generate, store, convert, or convey power need fluid systems that provide leak-tight performance. From nuclear, hydroelectric, thermal, gas- and coal-fired plants to combined cycle and cogeneration facilities, Swagelok stands behind the power industry with the products, services, and training to perform under pressure. These pressures can come in many forms including:

  • Costly problems like vibration, leakage, thermal shock, and improper installation that may also lead to safety concerns
  • Evolving environmental regulations that demand engineering and fabrication support to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Changing safety and industry standards such as ASME Section III for the nuclear sector that challenge companies to keep pace

High pressures and temperatures, superheated steam, hazardous chemicals—all require fluid system solutions that are suited for harsh, high-stress environments. Swagelok® products have been proven in critical power industry applications for over 75 years. Across the world, energy producers, storers, and distributors trust our design and manufacturing expertise to help them keep the power on.

Helping Energize the World

Every day, Swagelok products support a broad range of power industry applications including:

  • Boilers
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS)
  • Feedwater systems
  • Floodgates (stop gates) in dams
  • Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG)
  • Industrial gas turbines
  • Instrumentation piping
  • Lube oil skids
  • Peaking units
  • Pumps
  • Small modular reactors (SMRs)
  • Smokestack scrubbers
  • Steam and water analysis systems (SWAS)
  • Water quality monitoring systems (Degas analysis)

Products for the Power Industry

Our fluid system products are supported worldwide by 200-plus authorized Swagelok sales and service centers and are backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty. From commonly used products to custom components and assemblies, everything we design, manufacture, and build is to ensure the highest level of application, process, and instrumentation integrity.

This page highlights only a few of the products available for fuel delivery, gas distribution, steam sampling, water sampling, CEMS, lube oil, and other critical power plant systems. We also provide solutions for assets like boilers, generators, industrial gas turbines, and an array of rotary equipment. Many products are designed to ASME nuclear codes and standards.



Leak-tight fittings are fundamental to a worry-free operation. The Swagelok name is synonymous with safety and dependability. Find tube fittings, transmitter calibration fittings, PFA fittings, and more for standard applications or where reactive and corrosive chemicals are a concern. Many alloys and configurations are available.



The true cost of a valve is what goes into maintaining or replacing it over time. Swagelok is a proven option for lasting performance. Turn to us for process and instrumentation ball valves (40, 60, GB series), check valves, needle and metering valves, relief valves, plug valves, bleed and purge valves, and bellows-sealed valves as well as manifolds and stream selector systems for process analyzer applications.

Small bore tubing system

Small-Bore Tubing

We have the small-bore tubing to form the backbone of your fluid delivery system. Compared to conventional piping, small-bore tubing (up to 2 in. [50 mm] O.D.) reduces the number of connections and thus potential leak points for greater system integrity. No welding, cutting, or threading of pipe means less required labor, lower installed costs, and no fire watch needed. Using bends instead of elbows helps improve fluid flow.

Hose and Flexible Tubing

Hoses and Flexible Tubing

Choose from a variety of core materials, reinforcement styles, and end connections to suit virtually any pressure and temperature requirement. Get bulk hose, hose assemblies, and custom hose lengths in sizes 1/8 to 2 in. Also find metal core hose rated to 1000°F and PTFE core hose to 450°F along with PFA and vinyl flexible tubing for even more chemically resistant options for low-pressure applications.



Get precise control with the right pressure regulators. Swagelok pressure-reducing (spring-loaded or dome-loaded), back-pressure (spring-loaded and dome-loaded), and specialty regulators are capable of handling a wide range of pressures and flows to help you safeguard your facility.

Swagelok pressure gauge

Pressure Gauges

We have a variety of gauges designed for all conditions from low pressure to severe service. Multiple-mount configurations also make Swagelok gauges convenient to install. Additional measurement devices include pressure transducersflow sensors, and thermometers.

Swagelok quick connects

Quick Connects

Connect quickly and with confidence using our wide variety of quick connect configurations to reduce spillage and air inclusion in your system. We offer full-flow, instrumentation, miniature, and PTFE-sealed Quick Connects.



Avoid particulate contaminants leading to inaccurate analyzer readings or other problems downstream with particulate filters and coalescing filters that are designed to preserve the integrity of your power plant processes.

welding system

Welding System

Weld precisely and consistently with our orbital welding system, which provides cost-effective, reliable orbital gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubing and pipe. Make quality welds with fewer preparations than manual methods. Orbital welding also poses less fire hazards, helping you prevent incidents and injuries.

Services for the Power Industry

We provide technical consulting to the energy generation, storage, and distribution sector that improves fluid system safety, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Across the world, power plants and facilities of many types protect their critical infrastructure with solutions and insight from Swagelok engineers.

Field Engineering Services

Field Engineering

Our global field service team is an engineering resource for customers who value professional consultation about changing pressure, temperature, and flow requirements for their critical processes. We can help you improve plant safety and fluid system health, reduce emissions, onboard new personnel, or help with fluid subsystem assembly.

Fluid System Training

Training and Education

Equip personnel with the skills to ensure a smooth operation. Our training courses range from tube fittings essentials to tube bending to fluid system installation. Attend our courses to receive expert guidance on valve selection, regulator use, hose management, and materials science. Also learn about process analyzer, sampling, and steam systems.

Swagelok field engineering

Evaluation and Advisory Services

Our site surveys look for opportunities to align operational best practices with your liquid, air, and compressed gas systems. We help by identifying leaks, prioritizing areas of concern, documenting problems, and charting steps to improve system health. Whether your focus is design, production, or MRO, you can count on Swagelok to drive efficiency.

Design and Assembly Services

Design and Assembly

Get the custom assembly your power plant needs. We take ideas from concept to creation and reduce your costs by reducing in-house R&D effort, component handling, QA inspections, rework, and assembly time. Let us focus on planning and integration so you can focus on other priorities.

sales and service center business support

Vendor Managed Inventory

Make sure the products you need are always on hand. We can assist you with inventory optimizing, organizing, labeling, and reordering to prevent stockouts and reduce the risk of downtime. Eliminate transaction fees and avoid being bogged down by surplus items with carefully managed onsite consignment cabinets.

Featured Content

How We Support the Power Industry

Scheduling, fabrication, and onsite services for the power industry

Planning Your Success

Preemptive scheduling, fabrication, and onsite services are all utilized to collaboratively prepare for your success. We work closely with site contacts and planning groups to stay ahead of new installation timelines and power outages, making our resources available to expedite your next project or maintenance need.

  • Get straightforward answers from our specialists who know how to work in partnership with contractors throughout a project, from coordinating deliveries to managing onsite product inventories to providing prefabricated assemblies—all to ensure that our response rises to your situational urgency.
  • We can provide quick turnaround time on outage work and can assist in your conversion to automated systems. Our local sales and service centers provide the knowledge and planning needed to prevent mistakes when installing and maintaining fluid systems.

Regulatory Compliance for the power industry

Meeting Industry Regulations

Power plants need flexible engineering and fabrication support to adapt to changing industry standards and environmental regulations. We provide fluid solutions for both instrumentation and monitoring needs and can help you standardize your operation around common and custom components to reduce costly leaks and emissions.

  • Find tubing, tube fittings, and other products engineered to ASME Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1), Section I, Section II, and Section III requirements. We can assist you when making system changes and at times, avoid a new design review that is not fast or simple.
  • We work with decision-making groups at all levels to clearly communicate project goals and coordinate a plan of action across departments, helping you maximize your internal resources.
  • Get professional assistance for meeting ISO, NFPA, OSHA, EPA, and other industry or region-specific policies. For example, we can provide guidance around U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulations, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) standards, or policies set forth by The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (KHK). Our specialists worldwide know the most up-to-date compliance information for your region.

Safe fluid system operation in the power industry

Improving Plant Safety

High-vibration, thermocycling applications need leak-tight connections to operate reliably. Other times, corrosive environments demand tubing and tube fittings made from exotic alloy combinations that withstand harsh conditions. Many plants are also now also using advanced materials to generate power under more severe combustion conditions. These are just a few of the reasons why safety is Swagelok’s highest commitment to the industry.

  • Safety is the result of products, people, and approach. We can recommend actions to help improve the safety of your facility that take applications and the human element into account.
  • We can show you how small-bore tubing can drastically reduce the potential for leaks compared to pipe and pipe fittings, which makes your power plant safer and more efficient
  • We will help you avoid the dangers of intermixing or interchanging fluid system products from different manufacturers—a problem that is hard to solve but can be mitigated by working closely with your site contacts
  • We offer onsite training led by experienced instructors that puts safety at the center of all plant operations involving fluid systems as well as air and compressed gas systems.

Simplifying sustainability in the power industry

Simplifying Sustainability

We can support your goals for reducing scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions to meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance standards. There is a lot to consider as the power industry works to minimize GHG emissions. Our specialists can assist you with mounting pressures from regulators, investors, and customers.

  • Field engineering services support your decarbonization goals by identifying leak points in fluid systems, determining where energy is being wasted in your processes, and suggesting options like low-emissions valves or closed-loop grab sampling panels that help reduce fugitive emissions.
  • Swagelok materials scientists and product engineers can help you choose fluid system products and alloys that are optimized for your process. Proper selection also limits the potential for environmental damage due to leakage.
  • When controlling direct emissions, we can help you by recommending analytical instrumentation and system designs for continuous emissions monitoring in flares, stacks, or other areas around power stations.


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Reducing fluid system leaks

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Swagelok offers materials science training to teach engineers, technical associates, and other plant personnel involved in the material selection process how to choose the right corrosion-resistant alloys for fluid systems.

What Are the Signs of Gauge Failure?

Blog: How to Tell if a Pressure Gauge is Broken

Knowing how to detect a pending pressure gauge failure can help you avoid costly problems. It is also important to analyze the needs of your system and make a good decision upfront when choosing a gauge so that you reduce the risks of having the wrong one installed.

Compressed gas leak detection services for the power industry

Video: Compressed Gas Leak Detection Services

We can help you identify compressed gas leaks and quantify leak rates so you can prioritize the most critical issues to address based on safety, cost, and productivity. Improve efficiency and reliability in everyday power plant operations with Swagelok® Services.

Learn how to assemble plugs

Video: How to Assemble Plugs (Fittings)

Learn how to assemble plugs which are used to block a fitting port when necessary. You will need two open-end wrenches or one open-end wrench and a vise. This video outlines the basic process.

Discover the three-step process for manually assembling tube fittings that are 1 in. and smaller.

Video: How to Assemble Tube Fittings (1” and Under)

Tube fittings are designed to provide a leak-tight seal up to the suggested allowable pressure rating of the tubing. For this reason, it is imperative that tube fittings are installed correctly. Discover the three-step process for manually assembling tube fittings that are 1 in. and smaller.

Learn the proper way to assemble an end connection to hose using the Swagelok push-on tool

Video: Swagelok® Push-On Tool for Hose End Connections

The Swagelok Push-on Tool can be used for the assembly of swaged hose assemblies in ¼ to 1-in. sizes. Watch our video to learn the proper way to assemble the end connection to the hose.

Onsite visits are crucial to understanding your power plant’s unique challenges, environments, and objectives.

Video: Swagelok® Onsite Services

Onsite visits are crucial to understanding your power plant’s unique challenges, environments, and objectives. Our onsite services will help you discover issues with hoses, corrosion, faulty connections, leakages, and more.