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Advanced Tube Bending

tube bending

Training in Advanced Tube Bending

It has often been said that tube bending is an art, not a science. While it is true that bent tube can take on an artistic appearance when done well, the real art of bending tubing lies in the operator’s ability to overcome the variables inherent to the bending application. With the right approach, proper training, careful planning, a positive attitude, and a little practice, almost anyone can successfully bend tube. The purpose of this training program is to learn how to apply the Swagelok method of tube bending, as well as several tips and shortcuts that will help to take some of the mystery out of bending tubing. The Swagelok method is accurate for the layout of all angles up to and including 180 degrees in all sizes within the capacity of the Swagelok line of tube benders.



About the Course


  • Explain three variables that must be considered when bending tube
  • Describe springback, how it affects the bending process, and ways to compensate for it
  • Identify the components of the Swagelok hand tube bender
  • Explain the purpose of the straight tube length mark on the name plate
  • Explain minimum length of the last leg and describe how this length can be used
  • Explain the purpose of the three types of marks used in the Swagelok method of tube bending
  • Calculate the length of tube used in an offset given all necessary information required to make the calculation
  • Bend tubing into a shape as specified by a template using the Swagelok method bend data, and tube bender
  • Identify five potential bend defects and explain their causes

Target Audience

  • Fabricators, installers, technicians, contractors, engineers, and managers involved in designing and constructing tubing runs for process and analytical instrumentation systems

Course Length

Available in two-, three- and four-day options, with each day adding important new skills:

  • Two-Day Course: Receive full instruction on using hand tube benders up to 1/2 in. diameter
  • Three-Day Course: Add detailed education on using bench-top tube benders
  • Four-Day Course: Augment your skills further with training on how to use electric tube bending equipment

How to Register

To register for training, reach out to your local authorized Swagelok sales and service center using the link below. They will then contact you to discuss details and find an arrangement that works for you.

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