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Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance (SSM)

Sample System

Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance Training

Swagelok® Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance (SSM) training courses will teach you how to troubleshoot a variety of common sampling system issues from the process line through sample disposal. Attendees will learn how to troubleshoot sampling systems with confidence.

There are currently no courses currently scheduled, but training can be arranged through your local authorized Swagelok sales and service center

About the Course

Course content is derived from Industrial Sampling Systems, a technical reference book authored by industry expert and consultant Tony Waters.


In this course, you will learn:

  • How to recognize and diagnose common sampling system design flaws that lead to excessive time delay and non-representative samples
  • The formulas, calculations and engineering principles that can help you properly troubleshoot process analyzer sampling systems and fine-tune them for optimum performance
  • How to maintain your sampling system with minimal error and greater system integrity
  • How to troubleshoot actual sampling system designs and recommend corrective actions 

Target Audience

  • Anyone who diagnoses, troubleshoots and maintains sampling systems, including sampling system and analyzer technicians, maintenance personnel and system engineers
  • Newer team members seeking basic training or experienced professionals who want a refresher

Course Length

  • In-Person: Two business days at eight hours per day
  • Virtual: Four business days at four hours per day

Your Instructors

Course instructors are experts at designing, installing, and maintaining sampling systems and include:

Certified Swagelok Field Engineers

Swagelok field engineers located across the globe are certified to teach our sampling system training courses in languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Bahasa Malaysian. These field engineers tap into their experience working with customers on sampling system-related matters to inform their teaching of Swagelok PASS and SSM courses.

How to Register

Reach out to your local authorized Swagelok sales and service center to request private, on-site training using the button below. 


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