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Analyzer Technician Training

Engineer taking a chemical sample

Analyzer Technician Training for Sampling System Configuration and Maintenance

Swagelok® Analyzer Technician Training is a hands-on training developed to create an enriched learning experience for analyzer technicians, laboratory technicians, anyone who constructs, operators or maintains sampling systems and those new to sampling.  If these responsibilities are part of your role, you know how important a quality sample is to achieve accurate analysis. Inaccurate sampling usually results from problems within the sampling system, not the analyzer. With our hands-on training, we teach you to find the root cause of issues and address them.

About the Course

In this two-day course, you can learn to diagnose and eliminate common sampling system performance issues by completing a practical evaluation of an existing sample system and applying knowledge gained in the course to reverse engineer the system. Trainees will gain knowledge of engineering principles, formulas, and calculations as well as processes to identify the root cause of challenges rather than relying on guesswork.


In this course, you will learn:

  • What process analysis is and why samples are taken
  • The types of samples and associated hazards
  • Consequences of inaccurate sampling
  • Compatible, timely, and representative sampling
  • Why an analyzer isn’t following process results
  • Why an analyzer doesn't match lab results
  • How plugging or blockage occurs
  • What can cause gas to condense
  • What can cause liquid evaporation
  • How to comprehensively document an existing system
  • How to reverse engineer a system to understand performance

Target Audience

Analyzer technicians, laboratory technicians, anyone who constructs, operators or maintains sampling systems and those new to sampling. This course discusses basic concepts of sampling with attendees as an introduction to comprehensive Process Analyzer Sample System (PASS) training.

Course Length

  • In-Person: Two days at eight (8) hours per day

Your Instructors

Course instructors are Swagelok-certified field engineers who are adept at optimizing, designing, installing, and maintaining sampling systems.  

How to Register

Reach out to your local authorized Swagelok sales and service center to request private, on-site training using the button below.


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