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Whether you work for a tool OEM, a chip fabricator, or another company supporting the semiconductor industry, we provide the fluid system products, technical expertise, and global service needed to help you maximize profitability and compete effectively in a swiftly changing marketplace.

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Productivity for Today, Innovation for Tomorrow

Semiconductor cleanroomWe know that innovation is the foundation of semiconductor industry success. Relentless advancement in electronic technology demands more complex, more compact microchips, and competition is fierce. For more than five decades, Swagelok has provided high-quality fluid system components and support to semiconductor tool manufacturers and chip fabricators to help them evolve production processes and equipment while maintaining the precision and cleanliness needed to sustain profitability. As a result, we have the privilege of working with global semiconductor industry leaders who trust us to help them increase chip yield and quality, reduce lifecycle costs, and maintain safe fluid system operations.

Contact knowledgeable fluid system specialists

Products for the Semiconductor Industry

We continue to push the boundaries of ultrahigh-purity (UHP) valve performance, allowing tool OEMs and integrators to build manufacturing equipment that provides reliable, clean, and consistent flow at high temperatures and speeds. We also provide semiconductor chip fabricators, foundries, and the mechanical contractors and gas/chemical suppliers who support them with a variety of general industrial fluid system products that deliver reliable performance in semiconductor manufacturing applications.



View options including high-performance UHP ALD valves for semiconductor atomic layer deposition production and additional diaphragm valves, bellows valves, check valves, and specially configured valves and accessories.



Browse our selection of high-purity weld fittings, O-ring face seal fittings and metal gasket face seal fittings, and optional accessories for semiconductor manufacturing.

Hose and Flexible Tubing

Hoses and Flexible Tubing

Find the right hoses for your semiconductor production environment, from insulated hoses for chiller applications to other PTFE hose, metal hose, hybrid hose, and rubber hose options. You can also choose from convoluted metal tubing or PFA flexible tubing products designed for semiconductor production.



Control pressure effectively throughout your fluid systems with options that include spring-loaded and dome-loaded pressure-reducing regulators and compact high-purity, high-flow gas regulators.



Remove particulate contaminants with Swagelok UHP inline gas filters in demanding applications where purity is a requirement and space is limited.

welding system

Welding System

Weld consistently and efficiently with the Swagelok orbital welding system, which provides cost-effective, reliable orbital gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubing and pipe.

Tube Benders

Tube Benders

Swagelok’s easy-to-use hand tube benders, bench top tube benders, and electric tube benders provide high-quality bends on fractional and metric tubing, reducing installation time and effort.

Services for the Semiconductor Industry

When you need specially designed products, fluid system assemblies, or on-site consultation to overcome specific challenges, we will collaborate with you. We tap into technical expertise and application knowledge to develop custom fluid system solutions, troubleshoot fluid system issues, and deliver training designed to help you overcome limitations in your production processes, experiment with new production chemistries, or simply save time.

Field Engineering Services

Field Engineering

Tap into Swagelok’s network of field engineers located across the globe for help with troubleshooting and optimization of your fluid systems.

Onsite Services

Onsite Services

Whether your processes are designed for ALD film deposition, etch, or photolithography, our specialists can conduct fluid system site surveys, hose advisors’ evaluations, or leak detection audits to make your facility safer and more efficient.

Design and Assembly Services

Design and Assembly Services

Receive design consultation and professional assembly of high-quality standard and configurable fluid subsystems constructed and tested according to best practices.

Fluid System Training

Fluid System Training

Discover a variety of training courses designed to enhance your skills for developing, building, and maintaining fluid systems, including orbital welding, materials science, high-purity fittings essentials, and more.

Semiconductor Fab Construction Services

Fab Construction Services

Before the project begins and during each stage of a fab construction project, our fluid system specialists can help you reduce man hours, stay on schedule, and improve the long-term performance of industrial fluid systems through ongoing local support.

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How We Support the Semiconductor Industry

Better efficiency, yield, and profitability in the semiconductor industry

Better Efficiency, Yield, and Profitability

As the miniaturization of process nodes continues, we provide access to the UHP cleanliness levels and extreme dosing precision needed to maintain high yields. Our commitment to quality and process repeatability allows our UHP valve products to provide consistent performance, thermal stability, and clean, reliable changeover while helping to prevent contamination and promote safe containment. Knowledgeable Swagelok fluid system specialists can provide insights regarding which fluid system components, assemblies, designs, or material choices will help you maximize chip throughput and yield without sacrificing cleanliness or precision.

We also can work with you to enable experimentation with chemistries and processes that require performance at higher temperatures or flow rates. Our applications engineers stay closely connected with the semiconductor industry to keep up with ever-advancing requirements for process speed and dosing precision. This allows them to apply their technical knowledge, advanced software, and manufacturing expertise to develop unique solutions to help you overcome process challenges and continue innovating.

Reduced total lifecycle costs in the semiconductor industry

Reduced Total Lifecycle Costs

Given the cost of semiconductor production and the value of the outputs, downtime must be avoided to maintain profitability. To minimize total cost of ownership, Swagelok components are engineered to deliver consistent performance over millions of cycles in challenging process environments. We know that the exploration of new precursor gas options for deposition requires fluid system components to withstand hotter production processes and more corrosive media, and we have designed our products to last in challenging conditions so that you can replace components less frequently, minimizing process downtime and maximizing throughput.

For applications beyond chip-manufacturing tools, we provide fluid system components designed to perform reliably throughout a variety of industrial facility applications, helping fabricators avoid downtime and minimize costs related to maintenance, repair, and operations of semiconductor facilities. Local Swagelok-certified fluid system professionals can visit your facilities or connect with you virtually to offer technical support, advise on system design, troubleshoot system issues, provide fluid system training, or consult on maintenance and operational best practices to help you improve system performance. From tool installation to base builds, and from specialty gas and chemical distribution to central utility plant work, we can provide comprehensive support for your fluid systems.

Worldwide support for the semiconductor industry

Consistent Access to Products and Support Worldwide

We have the people, processes, and technology in place to give you confidence that you will receive consistency from product to product across your operations so you can in turn deliver the quality and consistency your customers expect. That consistency starts with Swagelok’s strict manufacturing process controls enforced at our 20 manufacturing facilities and is supported by thousands of associates who work together to provide product development, training, field services, technical services, delivery coordination, planning support, and additional specialized expertise as needed to help you maintain reliable performance throughout the full lifecycle of your fluid systems. Our global distribution network provides comprehensive sales, design and assembly, troubleshooting, and training support from more than 200 sales and service center locations across 70 countries, and you can also collaborate with engineering professionals with advanced knowledge of semiconductor applications at our six global technology centers.

Recognizing that component availability is critical for your success, we have invested heavily in manufacturing capacity, supply chains, and relationships with our semiconductor customers to anticipate needs and provide the products you need when you need them. With our local sales and service center-based product inventories, global supply chain, streamlined order fulfillment processes, and logistics network, you are never far from the products you need.

Safe fluid system operation in the semiconductor industry

Safe Fluid System Operation

Fluid leaks must be taken seriously given the nature of the chemicals used in semiconductor facilities, and avoiding fluid system leaks requires choosing every system component carefully—both within semiconductor manufacturing tools and beyond. Something as simple as condensation on the outside of a chiller hose that is not properly insulated could result in slip hazards or downtime until the source of spilled fluid can be identified. To help you avoid issues such as these, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of leak-tight, corrosion-resistant fluid system components and assemblies that are properly constructed to promote safe conditions in your facilities. We carefully select materials for our components to ensure chemical compatibility, then manufacture the product and process the surfaces to enhance corrosion resistance in semiconductor manufacturing applications. Our verification protocols confirm the suitability of our products for use in conjunction with caustic materials and extreme temperatures, protecting you and the integrity of your processes.

Our experienced trainers can also provide product selection, installation, maintenance, and system design training to ensure your team members have the knowledge needed to keep your operations safe while enabling dependable long-term fluid system performance.

Efficient, effective facility construction in the semiconductor industry

Efficient, Effective Facility Construction

If you are constructing a new fabrication facility, our global construction services specialists can help mechanical contractors keep projects on time and on budget, getting fluid systems operating quickly and reliably. Our fluid system specialists can provide technical support, consulting on product selection, specifications, and designs to ensure that performance standards are met. For example, we can recommend specific high-performance hoses that help simplify the design and installation of cooling systems or systems that deliver process gases. We can introduce standardized, turn-key fluid systems assemblies such as purge panel solutions for gas distribution or point of use applications, helping to reduce complexity and man hours required for installation, maintenance, and use. We can also provide comprehensive material management support on-site and off-site—including vendor-managed inventory, kitting, and strategic inventory management—to enable productivity and scheduling gains.

During equipment installation, we provide gas design engineers, mechanical contractors, and specialty chemical contractors with fluid system design and assembly, orbital welding, component selection, installation, and inspection advice and training. Our team can also help make sure that nothing is missed during tool and general utilities hookup, checking that Swagelok-built fluid system assemblies, such as gas panels, and hose connections are leak-tight and ready for startup and validation.


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