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Oil and Gas

Find the high-quality fluid system products, global support, and deep understanding of oil and gas applications you need to improve the safety, productivity, and environmental performance of fluid systems operating in challenging environments.

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Oil and Gas

Comprehensive Support for an Evolving Industry

Comprehensive Support in the Oil and Gas IndustryNew drilling techniques. Deeper wells in more remote locations. Operation in highly corrosive environments and at higher temperatures and pressures. Volatile market conditions. More aggressive emission reduction targets. A lot is changing in the oil and gas industry, yet one thing remains constant: the need for dependable fluid systems optimized to get the job done no matter where or how you operate.

You can’t afford to compromise when it comes to safety and reliability. Neither can suppliers if they want to work with you. The well-being of your people, profitability, and the environments in which you operate depend on it. We can help, offering high-quality Swagelok® fluid system components, fully engineered assemblies, and analytical equipment that provide the performance you need in demanding upstream, midstream, and downstream applications. We also provide practical training, fluid system design and assembly, evaluation and advisory services, and facility construction support delivered by a global network of professionals to help you build and operate oil and gas assets more efficiently, safely, and profitably.

We are committed to helping you overcome challenges inherent to accessing energy reserves and responsibly converting them into fuel for our world. Whatever your fluid system needs, trust that Swagelok can help.

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Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

We engineer and manufacture a comprehensive suite of control and measurement fluid system products, including options that comply with the strictest of regulations and industry performance standards. We understand the demands of challenging oil and gas industry applications, choosing materials and designs that will keep fluid systems operating effectively even in the harshest environments. Choose Swagelok for reliable, appropriately certified fluid system products backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.



We offer a variety of small bore fluid system fitting products in a wide variety of alloys that are engineered to help you maintain leak-tight system performance in low-pressure, medium-pressure, and high-pressure applications featuring corrosive environments or extreme temperatures.



From full-flow ball valves capable of handling high flow rates and working pressures in applications like hydraulic, injection, and fire suppression systems to metering valves that provide precise flow control in analytical applications, find the durable, dependable valves you need to achieve your goals.



Maintain precise pressure control throughout your fluid systems with spring- or dome-loaded pressure-reducing, back-pressure, and specialty regulators capable of handling a wide range of pressures and flows.

Hose and Flexible Tubing

Hoses and Flexible Tubing

Choose from millions of hose product variations with different core materials, reinforcement styles, end connections, and insulation options to achieve long-term, reliable performance in diverse oil and gas applications.

Analytical Instrumentation System

Analytical Instrumentation

Choose from fully engineered fluid system assemblies such as grab sampling panels, gas distribution systems, mechanical seal support systems, analytical subsystems, and miniature modular systems designed and tested according to best practices.


Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

We can deliver the expertise, oversight, and assurances needed to feel confident in the performance of your fluid system assets throughout their full lifecycle. Local specialists are backed by a global team of experts, ensuring you receive the recommendations and support you need to improve the performance, productivity, reliability, and safety of your fluid systems—all while controlling costs and mitigating environmental risks.

Field Engineering Services

Field Engineering

Swagelok-trained professionals can help guide component selection and system design from afar or visit your onshore or offshore facilities to evaluate your fluid systems, providing detailed recommendations on installation practices and system enhancements.

Onsite Services

Onsite Services

Receive advice from fluid system specialists about how to best troubleshoot issues with existing fluid systems or improve system designs by booking fluid system evaluationssampling system analyses,  leak detection audits, or hose evaluations.   

Design and Assembly Services

Design and Assembly Services

If you are experiencing issues with the performance of existing fluid systems or simply lack the resources to design and build reliable subsystems, our local specialists can engineer and fabricate kits, assemblies, and subsystems optimized for your operations.

Fluid System Training

Fluid System Training

We can provide the knowledge needed to keep your fluid systems operating safely and effectively with training covering fluid system design, installation, operation and maintenance, materials science, welding, fluid sampling, and more.

Semiconductor Fab Construction Services

Global Construction Services

Learn how we draw upon global resources to provide companies working on capital projects with access to the fluid system products, design expertise, locally delivered services, and coordinated project support they need to keep large-scale oil and gas construction projects on time and on budget.

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How We Support The Oil and Gas Industry

Safe fluid system operations in the oil and gas industry

Improving Safety

Keeping workers safe is important in any project, but it is an especially critical consideration in challenging onshore and offshore environments where you’re drilling, producing, processing, treating, transporting, or refining highly volatile fluids. We can help you build safety into your fluid system-related practices from installation through routine maintenance.

  • Take advantage of our comprehensive program of safety training and competency skills development to equip team members with the knowledge needed to manage risks as your operations evolve
  • Integrate fluid system assemblies such as closed-loop grab sampling systems and gas distribution systems designed based on best practices for operator safety, leak prevention, and emissions control
  • Bring in Swagelok field engineers to conduct fluid system evaluation and provide advisory services that help you uncover and address risk factors throughout your facilities
  • Choose high-quality Swagelok® fluid system components that are composed of the right alloys, designed for leak-tight performance, and are tested to be easy and safe to install, operate, and maintain throughout their lifecycles

Better efficiency, yield, and profitability in the oil and gas industry

Minimizing Downtime, Maximizing Reliability

When it comes time for turnarounds or repairs, you need a supplier with local inventory and support that is committed to getting you the products and services you need for long-term success. After all, avoiding excess downtime can mean saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. With more than 200 authorized sales and service centers in more than 70 countries, including in rapid-growth economies and near newly identified oil and gas fields, we can help you keep your fluid system downtime to a minimum.

  • Locally based, Swagelok-trained associates can provide you with convenient access to the fluid system products you need, including globally consistent, dependable fluid system components and easy-to-integrate, fully engineered subsystems configured for your applications
  • Our field service specialists can evaluate your fluid and sampling systems, helping you troubleshoot problems contributing to system inefficiency or downtime and delivering prioritized recommendations to improve your system reliability

Controlling total lifecycle costs in the oil and gas industry

Controlling Total Lifecycle Costs

In harsh, remote environments where you are operating high-pressure fluid systems that are critical to your productivity, you need products and designs that will stand up to the demands of your application, provide value long term, and prove uncomplicated to install, operate, and maintain.

  • We can help you choose fluid system solutions that feature engineered combinations of components comprised of different alloys to optimize costs, strengthen corrosion resistance, and improve system longevity in demanding applications
  • Swagelok fluid system specialists can also save your team time and effort by building configurable, reliable fluid system assemblies that help maximize the lifespans of your equipment while minimizing waste of utilities, time, and sellable product
  • Our field engineers can assess existing systems to identify leaks and other causes of inefficiency—including via a virtual site visit that doesn’t require bringing specialists into limited-access locations—so you can avoid unnecessary operational costs
  • Our fluid sampling specialists can also visit your facilities to help you detect or troubleshoot problems with your sampling systems that affect sample accuracy and timeliness of analysis. They can then recommend standard grab sampling panels, analytical instrumentation, or design improvements to help you better control process fluid input costs, reduce maintenance time, and enhance the quality of your final products.

Simplifying sustainability in the oil and gas industry

Simplifying Sustainability

Environmental stewardship and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction has never been a larger priority for many oil and gas companies. From the earliest stages of Greenfield or brownfield capital project planning, you may be discussing how to reduce scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions to meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance goals. You may also be assessing what you can do to reduce emissions as pressure mounts from regulators, investors, and customers. If this is your reality, we can provide support.

  • Our field engineers can help you make progress toward your decarbonization goals by identifying leak points in your fluid systems, determining where energy is being wasted in your processes, and suggesting options like low-emissions valves or closed-loop grab sampling panels that help reduce fugitive emissions
  • Swagelok materials scientists and product engineers can also help you choose fluid system products and alloys that are optimized for your process and that limit the potential for environmental damage due to leakage
  • We can also assist you in controlling direct emissions by recommending analytical instrumentation and system designs for continuous emissions monitoring in flares, stacks, or other areas around facilities

Efficient, effective facility construction in the oil and gas industry

Streamlining Capital Projects

New facility construction projects in the oil and gas industry can be uniquely complicated to execute, with logistical challenges stemming from working with many distinct entities across the globe. Changing government regulations and varying operational standards mean owner companies and EPCs must not only deal with complex global coordination challenges, but extensive documentation requirements. Swagelok’s global construction services group is engineered to help ease these burdens, providing assistance on facility construction projects from conception through commissioning:

  • In the pre-FEED and FEED stages, our engineers consult on fluid system product selection and designs, assisting with specifications while recommending efficiencies and cost-saving configurations
  • As the project proceeds, our team helps manage timelines and complex logistical issues, providing jobsite inventory and product availability throughout the project
  • We can help coordinate multiple entities, provide customized or international contracts, offer clarity on government regulations, and clear the way for on-time completion


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