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No matter what chemicals you are manufacturing, we offer the fluid system products and support you need to maximize the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your critical fluid systems.

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Helping Chemical Companies Perform Under Pressure

Chemical processing application expertiseThe pressure to improve production performance is constant in the chemical industry. Achieving peak output levels without reducing product quality means avoiding fluid system issues that lead to drops in efficiency, loss of primary containment, system downtime, or safety risks.

  • Optimal fluid conditions must be maintained throughout extensive process line networks
  • Analytical systems must consistently deliver timely and accurate sampling results
  • Rotating equipment and emissions monitoring systems must not falter
  • Leaks must be addressed immediately, and should be avoided entirely if possible

Chemical processing fluid systems can be difficult to manage effectively, especially across large operations featuring complex applications. That is why chemical customers across the globe trust Swagelok’s high-quality products and chemical processing application expertise to keep their fluid systems performing reliably in demanding environments.

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Products for the Chemical Industry

Swagelok® fluid system components and assemblies for chemical processing can be trusted to help you minimize downtime, maximize production efficiency, and meet strict standards for emissions control. Our fluid system products are backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty and are supported by more than 200 authorized sales and service center locations around the world.



Whether you need fittings for corrosive environments, extreme temperatures, or high pressure, we have a wide variety of reliable, leak-tight fitting products for use in chemical processing.



Our durable, dependable valves perform reliably even after years of use in demanding applications. Find the ball valves, check valves, needle valves, relief valves, manifolds, and more needed to appropriately control flow in your small-bore fluid systems.



Maintain precise pressure control throughout your fluid systems and throughout your facilities with pressure-reducing (spring-loaded or dome-loaded), back-pressure (spring-loaded and dome-loaded), and specialty regulators capable of handling a wide range of pressures and flows.

Hose and Flexible Tubing

Hoses and Flexible Tubing

Choose from millions of variations of metal core, PTFE/PFA core, rubber core, and thermoplastic core hose and flexible tubing options to find products that meet the performance criteria of your chemical processing applications.

Analytical Instrumentation System

Analytical Instrumentation

Choose from fully engineered fluid system assemblies such as grab sampling panels, gas distribution systems, mechanical seal support systems, analytical subsystems, and miniature modular systems to improve reliability and simplify fluid system use and maintenance.



Avoid particulate contaminants leading to off-spec products, inaccurate analyzer readings, or other problems downstream with particulate filters and coalescing filters designed to preserve the integrity of your processes.

Swagelok pressure gauge

Measurement Devices

Maintain optimal fluid conditions throughout your plants with measurement devices such as pressure gauges, pressure transducers, flow sensors, flowmeters, thermometers, and additional measurement devices that are easy to use and read.

tubing and tube accessories

Tubing and Tube Accessories

Find metal tubing with the material composition and performance characteristics needed for your chemical processing, as well as accessories used to cut and deburr, bend, swage, and support tubing.

welding system

Welding System

Weld consistently and efficiently with the Swagelok orbital welding system, which provides cost-effective, reliable orbital gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubing and pipe.

Services for the Chemical Industry

We provide a variety of services to chemical companies that help them minimize downtime, improve process efficiency, avoid leaks, and trust their analytical instrumentation. Look to Swagelok specialists for help building custom fluid system assemblies, consulting on system designs, addressing fluid system issues, and delivering training to your team members.

Field Engineering Services

Field Engineering

Tap into Swagelok’s vast network of field engineers located across the globe for help with troubleshooting and optimizing the performance of your process lines and sampling systems.

Onsite Services

Onsite Services

Boost system safety, performance, and efficiency with prioritized, actionable recommendations from Swagelok experts based on fluid system site surveys, hose advisors’ evaluations, or leak detection audits. Additionally, improve the reliability of your analytical systems with a sampling system evaluation.

Design and Assembly Services

Design and Assembly Services

Allow your assemblers to focus on higher-value tasks when you have Swagelok fluid system specialists help design and/or professionally assemble high-quality standard and configurable fluid subsystems such as gas distribution, grab sampling, and mechanical seal support systems.

Fluid System Training

Fluid System Training

Discover a variety of training courses designed to enhance your skills for developing, building, and maintaining fluid systems. You can also learn to improve your analytical system performance with our Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) training and other sampling system training courses.

Semiconductor Fab Construction Services

Global Construction Services

Stay in touch with Swagelok’s team of facility construction project specialists during each stage of a chemical plant construction project. They can advise on products, specifications, and system standardization to improve facility efficiency and profitability.

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How We Support The Chemical Industry

Safe Fluid System Operation in the Chemical Industry

Improving Safety

Safety is a top priority, especially when highly volatile, caustic, or otherwise-hazardous fluids are flowing throughout plants. That is why we offer leak-tight components with the necessary performance characteristics to prevent fluid from escaping your systems, assemblies designed with minimal connection points, and supporting services based on decades of experience serving the chemical market.

  • Local Swagelok sales and service center associates are prepared to assist with selecting proper components, consult on system designs, and even fabricate reliable fluid system assemblies to improve safety in your liquid and gas applications.
  • Swagelok field engineers—backed by a global team of chemical processing system and analytical instrumentation experts—can evaluate your systems and provide detailed recommendations to mitigate risks.
  • Our fluid system specialists will deliver in-depth, safety-focused training to give process and analytical engineers, technicians, and maintenance personnel the knowledge necessary to avoid preventable mistakes when installing, using, and maintaining fluid systems.

Better Efficiency, Yield, and Profitability in the Chemical Industry

Maintaining Uptime and Reliability  

Maintaining the uptime and reliability of process and sampling equipment is crucial to reaching profitability goals. Fluid system leaks or component failures that lead to lost productivity, lost process fluid, or lost energy efficiency are unacceptable, which is why we help chemical plant and refinery operators worldwide to minimize time needed for fluid system maintenance and repair.

  • Our engineers can provide insight on what compatible materials choices, design considerations, and proven processes will help keep various fluid systems functioning reliably in harsh conditions.
  • Our mechanical efficiency specialists can assess your mechanical systems to help extend the life of rotating equipment with standard Swagelok mechanical seal support systems built according to various API plans. They can also help you replace piping systems with tubing to simplify maintenance and improve the reliability of your systems.
  • Through onsite and virtual fluid system audits, Swagelok field engineers can identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of your fluid system designs and provide recommendations prioritized by return on investment.

Reduced Total Lifecycle Costs in the Chemicals Industry

Reducing and Avoiding Costs  

Budget tightening, downward market pressures, or other conditions outside of your control can make profitability goals harder to reach. If you find yourself under pressure to do more with less, we can help you minimize the drain on your resources associated with system design and assembly, component replacement, maintenance, or utility usage.

  • Swagelok specialists can build configurable, reliable fluid system assemblies that help maximize the lifespans of your equipment while minimizing waste of utilities, time, and sellable product.
  • Our fluid system advisors can evaluate your newly planned fluid systems to help identify process instrumentation and other system components composed of proper materials, as well as design parameters that are optimal for your applications. They can also assess existing systems to identify leaks and other causes of inefficiency so you can avoid unnecessary operational costs.
  • Sampling system specialists can conduct in-depth analysis of your sampling systems, from process tap to analyzer, to help you improve sampling accuracy. These professionals can help you eliminate causes of poor sample quality, reduce analyzer downtime, resolve issues related to particulate loads or time delay, and recommend proven system designs allowing you to better control your process inputs and manage costs.
  • Our gas distribution advisors can also visit your facilities to locate leaks that lead to the waste of expensive gases or system inefficiency due to pressure loss. They can also recommend standard gas panel subsystem designs to efficiently handle gases throughout your facilities.

Simplifying Sustainability in the Chemical Industry

Simplifying Sustainability 

If emissions reduction is a priority due to your environmental, social, and governance goals or pressure from investors and regulators, we can help you avoid fines, reputation damage, and fluid leaks that put your people, profitability, and the planet at risk. As you strive to achieve your decarbonization goals, work towards net-zero emissions, or otherwise pursue more environmentally friendly fluid system operations, we can help you in your energy transition.  

  • Our fluid system specialists can help you find “easy wins” related to emission reduction by finding potential leak points in your systems, indicating where energy is being wasted in your processes, and suggesting leak-tight fluid system components such as certified low-emission valves to prevent fugitive emissions.
  • Swagelok fluid system specialists can also provide insights on how to avoid fugitive emissions by recommending alternative system design choices or by providing equipment such as low-leak, closed-loop grab sampling panels that minimize the risk of fluid escaping to the environment.
  • We also help chemical facility operators effectively manage direct emissions by providing high-quality fluid system components, analytical instrumentation assemblies, training, and onsite services that enable reliable continuous emissions monitoring in flares and stacks or areas around plants.


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