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Food and Beverage

Find sanitary, leak-tight, easy-to-clean, FDA- and USDA-approved fluid system products from Swagelok along with the professional training and services that makers of food and beverages need to achieve the highest levels of process integrity.

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Food and Beverage 

When You Need Purity, Trust Our Products  

Food and beverage applicationsWhether you bottle, package, pasteurize, sterilize, steam, or clean, we provide the fluid system solutions that consistently meet your operational, sanitation, and safety requirements. Find an exceptional range of EPA-, 3-A Sanitary Standards-, and ISO-compatible products that meet the needs of food, beverage, and dairy plants. Also find engineering, training, and advisory services that help you manage the pressures of maintaining a leak-tight operation. 

  • Access a large portfolio of sanitary fluid system products, including tube fittings, ACME thread fittings, valves, and more
  • Get prompt quotes and reliable delivery for special product fabrications, components, or skidded assemblies
  • Work with a supplier that continues to develop food-grade solutions that meet changing industry demands and higher pressure requirements, such as in the powdered milk sector

With more than 75 years of experience providing fluid system products and services across many industries subject to stringent oversight, we can help you reach your goals for process accuracy, workplace safety, and high sanitation levels.

Food and Beverage Applications

Our fluid system components support the preparation and packaging of food, beverage, and dairy products from meats and cheeses to sodas and sweets. We provide solutions to breweries, bakeries, and many other businesses that maintain critical unit operations, including:

  • Baking
  • Bottling
  • Brewing
  • Canning
  • Cleaning
  • Containment
  • Distilling
  • Milling
  • Mixing
  • Packaging
  • Passivation
  • Pasteurizing
  • Preservation
  • Processing
  • Sterilization Storage

Products for Food and Beverage

With fluid system products for virtually any application, Swagelok connects you to more choices that create process, safety, and cost benefits. We consult with food, beverage, and dairy plant engineers, as well as equipment builders, to develop standard and custom components that meet food-grade requirements and clean-in-place (CIP) and steam-in-place (SIP) standards, all backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.



Leak-tight connections help make industrial processes safe and predictable. Our name has stood for reliability for over 75 years. Select tube fittings and adapters as well as PFA fittings, pipe fittings, weld fittings, and many other types of fittings for thick- or thin-walled, hard or soft tubing. Also source all your sanitary fittings from us, including high-purity Swagelok® Micro-Fit® tube butt weld fittings.

Sanitary flange for the food and beverage industry

Sanitary Flange Fittings

Swagelok® kwik-clamp sanitary flange fittings can quickly and easily disconnect and reconnect for cleaning and maintenance. This provides you a reliable and cost-effective way to adapt from sanitary flange systems over to tube and pipe. Make proper connections simpler to achieve and speed up installation.



Our process and instrumentation valves in single-seat, ball, and other configurations provide reliability and require low maintenance. Swagelok® 40 series and 60 series ball valves are known for durability and the ability to suit a wide range of system conditions in food, beverage, and dairy plants. Also turn to us for check valves, needle and metering valves, relief valves, and plug valves.



Get the set of capabilities you need from your regulators. Swagelok® pressure-reducing (spring-loaded or dome-loaded), back-pressure (spring-loaded and dome-loaded), and specialty regulators maintain pressure and minimize droop over a wide range of pressures and flows. Let our team help you by recommending and assembling regulator configurations.  

Sanitary pressure regulators for the food and beverage industrty

Sanitary Pressure Regulators

Our PRS series pressure-reducing and TBRS series tank blanketing regulators are both compliant with FDA/USP Class VI regulations and feature 316L stainless steel metal components and EPDM seals. These sanitary regulators are designed for pressures up to 232 psig (16 bar) and are available with sanitary clamp end connections.

Sanitary hose for the life science industry

Hoses and Flexible Tubing

Our U series and complete PFA hose offerings are well-suited for instances where outstanding flexibility, kink resistance, and chemical compatibility are needed. Also find ST series and other PTFE-lined hoses offering strong construction, like fiber braid reinforcement and 304 stainless steel reinforced silicone covers. Sanitary hose options extend to XT and S series products with tri-clamp ends.

welding system

Orbital Welding System

Orbital welding is effective in joining stainless steel tubing for fluid systems where the products flowing through them need to be maintained in a sterile or clean condition. Make quality, repeatable orbital gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubing and pipe using our lightweight, portable system.

tubing and tube accessories

Tubing and Accessories

Find reliable stainless steel tubing, including support systems, swaging tools, tube benders, and tube cutting and preparation tools. Our catalogs are loaded with detailed product information, including materials of construction, pressure and temperature ratings, and many different tubing options so you can build systems that last.

Swagelok pressure gauge

Pressure Gauges

Choose from a wide selection of gauges designed for all conditions, ranging from low pressure to severe service. Multiple-mount configurations make our gauges convenient to install. Also, find other measurement devices, including pressure transducers, flow sensors, and thermometers.

Engineering Services for Food and Beverage 

Together, we can build a plan for strategic integration and maintenance of leak-tight fluid systems that help your plant meet stringent product quality and cleanliness standards. Our complete service offering is as wide in scope as the components and assemblies we offer and can scale up to meet your goals for individual facilities or enterprise wide.

Swagelok services

Engineering Services

It takes deep industry experience to detect problems, optimize fluid systems, and advise on maintenance strategy. We bring that expertise to you with Swagelok® engineering services, including onsite services, training and education, design and assembly, field engineering, and global construction coordination. You need a strong basis to increase operator safety and decrease operating costs—create a lasting advantage with our network of specialists. 

Swagelok field engineering

Leak Detection

We help you identify leaks and quantify leak rates so you can prioritize the most critical issues to address, based on safety, cost, and productivity. Every day that a leak goes unfixed, it is hurting your organization’s bottom line. The sooner you make a concerted effort to address leaks, the better.

Swagelok hose management services

Hose Advisory Services

Swagelok hose advisors will walk the floor of your facility to learn what an optimized fluid system means to you. Receive a detailed report with our findings and prioritized improvement recommendations, including preventive maintenance schedules and insight into which standard end connections and couplings should be kept in inventory.

Orbital weld training

Orbital Welding Training

Orbital welding training can help you overcome issues related to widespread welder shortages. Make the most of what modern orbital welding offers with our five-day training course that is held at selected Swagelok sales and service centers. We can equip your emerging welders for success.

How We Support Food and Beverage  

Worldwide Support for the Food & Beverage Industry

Stronger Logistical Support  

Sanitary fluid system products can be difficult to source from the same general industrial components supplier, and long lead times may put your project behind schedule. We bring you a broad array of both highly sanitary and heavy-duty products that meet FDA certification for food and beverage production and packaging, all backed by a global sales and distribution network that stretches to your front door, no matter where you operate. 

  • We stock sanitary products locally and based on needs forecasts for that specific region, so you have better access to hard-to-find components. 
  • Tap into vendor managed inventory (VMI) options for fast and accurate organizing, labeling, and reordering. 
  • Use our onsite consignment cabinets to maintain a large stock of the products you need most often—we can support your goals for customer managed inventory (CMI) 
  • Ask us about just-in-time (JIT) parts inventory to solve other stocking challenges and help with inventory management 
  • Get all the FDA, EPA, and related regulatory and compliance certification your project requires, where and when you need it 

Safe Fluid System Operation in the food & beverage industry

Engineering Quality and Safety  

We make fluid system products that are simple to install and maintain so that you can achieve regulatory compliance with less time spent overseeing projects. Select with confidence knowing that the components you choose meet or exceed your industry specifications. We also design many of our products to Clean-in-Place (CIP) and/or Steam-in-Place (SIP) requirements common throughout food, beverage, and dairy plants. 

  • We offer ISO 2852:1993 stainless steel clamp pipe couplings for food industry plants and equipment 
  • Many products meet 3-A Sanitary Standards design criteria for equipment and processing systems based on ANSI requirements  
  • Access product certificates for FDA, USDA, and other regulatory authorities—see a comprehensive list of approvals for Swagelok components by industry or category 
  • Find fittings, valves, hoses, and many other components and assemblies suited for automatic CIP and SIP procedures without requiring disassembly 

Product consistency in the food and beverage industry

Consistency You Can Count On 

The dependability of our products is a result of the efforts of our skilled operators, our strict quality control, and our commitment to traceability. We own the manufacturing process from start to finish. This creates a strong link to the product sold to our customers, providing transparency from raw materials to the packed and shipped item. Even basic parts have batch traceability, and we retain this information for every order.

  • Raw material traceability is an integral part of our overall manufacturing quality system that is approved by many of the world's leading standards bodies 
  • We forge, machine, electropolish, weld, assemble, and test—all in our own facilities  
  • A robust reliability excellence program keeps our equipment running at optimal efficiency 
  • All fittings are marked with the Swagelok name, material type, and trace identifier  
  • Lot numbers on hose assemblies allow you to better limit your potential loss or determine if the problem goes beyond one bad hose 
  • We understand the importance of material selection—you can request material certifications even after the product is purchased and installed


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Certified Swagelok Products

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View food, beverage, and dairy industry certificates and approvals for Swagelok fluid system components. Select products with confidence, knowing that we meet or exceed specifications for the many industries we serve.

industrial fluid system safety

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Valve Flow Coefficient Calculator

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