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Fluid System Design and Assembly Engineering Services

Swagelok design and assembly services

Optimize Your Fluid System Design with Our Engineering Assembly Services

Ensure optimal performance while maintaining production costs of new fluid system assemblies by allowing Swagelok technicians to fabricate a fluid system for you. You will receive a professionally designed, repeatable solution, with testing, inspection, and packaging included—all covered by Swagelok’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What you can expect from Swagelok:

  • Capacity for small or large assemblies
  • Testing of system performance
  • Utilization of the highest quality components
  • Seamless integration of supplemental components:
    • Automation
      • Wiring
      • Transmitters
      • Relays
    • Pumps
    • And more!

Whatever your parameters, rest assured that you’ll receive only the highest-quality assemblies, panels, or enclosures, as well as ongoing support, when you work with Swagelok.

When you partner with Swagelok for the design and assembly of your fluid system, our local representatives will work directly with you every step of the way from the initial consultation and development of a concept to the system fabrication and installation.

Already have a fluid system in operation? You can still leverage Swagelok’s decades of expertise through our additional engineering services. Our onsite services and field engineering teams are capable of identifying issues and inefficiencies in your current system along with providing optimization or cost reduction plans for existing systems. Provide your engineers, operators, and maintenance staff with the practical knowledge they need to maintain safe , efficient, and profitable fluid systems.

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Fluid System Assembly FAQs 

Save Time with Standard and Configurable Swagelok Fluid System Assemblies

Decades of partnership between businesses across the globe and Swagelok service centers have resulted in the development of several standardized fluid system assemblies. Swagelok standard & configurable assemblies utilize the highest quality components available and undergo rigorous application-specific testing to ensure maximum performance out-of-the-box. Find peace of mind when you combine a Swagelok assembly with our onsite services to ensure proper installation and ideal performance of your complete fluid system.

Find a comprehensive solution that can address every challenge you face. Tap into our network of Swagelok field engineers who are able to turn your fluid system concept into reality, regardless of language or location. Whether your operations are localized or have a global impact, Swagelok can help develop a system that satisfies all necessary regulations without compromising performance.

Swagelok Grab Sampling System

Grab Sampling Systems

Swagelok® grab sampling systems allow for safe, efficient sample capture and are available in a variety of configurations and advanced features.

Swagelok Ammonia Sampler

Ammonia Sampling Systems

The Swagelok® ammonia sampler makes anhydrous ammonia sampling safer by minimizing operators’ exposure to liquid and vaporized ammonia.

Swagelok gas distribution program

Gas Distribution Systems

Standardized, configurable Swagelok® gas delivery systems help protect operators, increase process uptime, and improve process accuracy.

Read a gas distribution case study >

Mechanical seal support system

Mechanical Seal Support Systems

Swagelok® seal support systems are guided by API 682 and are offered as kits and assemblies and are designed to maintain seal longevity.

Swagelok Analytical subsystem

Analytical Subsystems (PrESS)

Pre-engineered and preassembled fluid sampling and control subsystems minimize system footprints, simplify design, and promote accurate sampling.

Swagelok thermal loop program

Thermal Loop Program

The Swagelok® thermal loop management program is designed to help semiconductor manufacturers operate leak-tight, properly insulated systems to maximize chip yield.

A Look at Swagelok Design and Assembly Services

Hear how Swagelok design, fabrication, and assembly specialists can help you add efficiency and reliability to your operations.

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