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Swagelok Reference Point

Your resource for practical advice to achieve more with your fluid systems.


Swagelok Reference Point provides industrial professionals with insights and analysis intended to help decrease downtime, increase efficiencies, troubleshoot issues, and maintain a safe workplace staffed by effective associates. Browse our latest blog posts below to learn how you might more easily accomplish your fluid system-related goals.

Featured Blog Posts

Swagelok fluid system standardization

Standardizing Fluid System Components on Megaprojects

Swagelok’s global construction services can help oil and gas owner operators realize major operational benefits by standardizing fluid system components used across the site. Learn more about the advantages of standardization.

Shenyang Blower Works Group Improved Safety

How Shenyang Blower Works Group Improved Safety and Reliability

Learn how Swagelok Shanghai has helped Shenyang Blower Works Group Corporation achieve consistency, reliability, and cost savings for its customers while improving its own safety and production efficiency.

Field engineer spotlight: Alex Chu

Field Engineering Spotlight: Alex Chu, Engineering Manager, Swagelok Bristol

Engineering Manager Alex Chu helps his customers tackle challenges by understanding their needs and requirements. Learn how Alex and the Swagelok Bristol and Swagelok Isle of Man teams applied their fluid system expertise to develop ventilators to aid the U.K.’s coronavirus response.

Common fluid system leaks in tire manufacturing facilities

Combating Common Fluid System Leaks in Tire Facilities

Tire manufacturers can grow accustomed to leaking process pipes, but system leaks can pose significant safety hazards and drain profitability. Learn how to identify common leak sources throughout a plant and how to fix them.

Swagelok deepwater tube fittings

Ensuring Reliable Deepwater Well Operations with Custom Solutions

As depths get deeper and pressures grow higher, deepwater oil wells demand the ultimate in fluid system performance. Learn why a major oil well operator has trusted Swagelok for high-quality, customized solutions since 2013.

Petrochemical plant construction

Tackling Global Engineering Complexity for a Successful Megaproject

Swagelok’s Global Construction team worked closely with dozens of global engineering firms to complete a massive petrochemical megaproject in Southeast Asia. Learn about the keys to this successful project.

Stacey Phillips, Swagelok’s field engineering manager for the Americas, uses an augmented reality headset to conduct an assessment of analytical equipment at a natural gas processing facility with a virtual team.

Industrial Virtual Visits: A New Form of “On-Site Experience”

Learn how Swagelok is adopting virtual headset technology to provide real-time troubleshooting, fluid system evaluation services, and more to customers when in-person visits are difficult to arrange.

Carl White, who has spent nearly 40 years working at various points in the semiconductor industry supply chain, offers a firsthand perspective on the past, present, and future of semiconductor industry advancement.

Q&A: Semiconductor Manufacturing Past, Present, and Future

Find out how collaboration between semiconductor tool OEMs, microchip manufacturers, and fluid system solutions providers has enabled the semiconductor market to keep up with the demands of Moore’s Law for decades, and where we go from here.

Semiconductor cleanroom

Solving Semiconductor Fabrication Challenges with Insulated Hoses

The right insulated hose solution can help solve some common challenges associated with the highly precise semiconductor fabrication process.

Swagelok alternative fuel system

Critical Components for Forward-Thinking Fuel Systems

Swagelok and bus manufacturer New Flyer have worked together for years to develop reliable alternative fuel systems for forward thinking transit applications.

Swagelok Field Engineer, Andrew Wright

Field Engineering Spotlight: Q&A with Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright is a Swagelok field engineer who enjoys being on site helping customers solve their fluid system challenges. From identifying common issues to designing custom solutions, Andrew answers the call anytime problems arise.

Swagelok sampling system field services analyzer

Analytical Sampling Systems Q&A

Swagelok Field Engineering Manager Mike Frost answers questions on common analytical sampling system problems.

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