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Welcome to
Swagelok Reference Point

Swagelok Reference Point brings Swagelok’s unmatched expertise into one centralized resource for fluid system professionals.


Swagelok Reference Point provides industrial professionals with resources designed to help decrease downtime, increase efficiencies and troubleshoot quickly. Swagelok Reference Point blog posts will help you maintain a well-trained and safe workplace. Browse our latest blog posts below.

Latest Blog Posts


How to Calibrate an Analyzer in an Analytical Instrumentation System

Calibration is an important process and an absolute requirement in analytical systems. Care must be taken when performing this process—error can be introduced. Learn how to calibrate your analyzer to ensure an accurate analytical measurement.


INEOS Petrochemical Safety Case Study

Swagelok’s contribution to the safe operation of INEOS’s petrochemical facility in Cologne, Germany maps back to the close collaboration between the two companies. Learn how Swagelok’s trusted reliability helps INEOS ensure petrochemical safety.


Understanding and Measuring Time Delay in an Analytical Instrumentation System

Process measurements are instantaneous, but analyzer responses are not. Time delay in sampling systems is the most common cause of inaccurate results from process analyzers. Learn how to understand and reduce time delay in your analytical systems.