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Swagelok helps hydrogen producers, energy companies, hydrogen infrastructure developers, and vehicle OEMs scale production and tackle hydrogen containment and distribution challenges.

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High-Integrity Solutions for an Evolving Market

hydrogen iconThe hydrogen energy market is evolving rapidly as the world seeks zero-emission options. Hydrogen producers, alternative energy companies, hydrogen infrastructure developers, vehicle OEMs, and others exploring the next frontier of clean energy technologies are scaling production while tackling the unique challenges of hydrogen containment and transfer. Fluid system components that deliver optimum levels of safety, reliability, and performance are needed.  Finding reliable options can be challenging because:

  • Small-molecule hydrogen gas can escape from even the smallest connection gaps, leading to leaks and safety concerns
  • High-containment pressures (up to 1050 bar [15 229 psi]) require high-performance components where traditional options simply are not suitable
  • Hydrogen embrittlement and degradation can impact critical system components, compromising the materials’ integrity and potentially leading to failures

Swagelok can help you overcome these challenges and more. We not only provide critical fluid system components, such as fittings designed specifically for hydrogen containment but also materials science expertise and expert engineering assistance. With a complete suite of products and services for hydrogen applications, we can help you build solutions more quickly, easily, and reliably.

Hydrogen Applications

From production to distribution to storage to mobility, we support the fast-growing hydrogen energy industry with fluid system solutions for:


  • Electrolyzers
  • Microgrids
  • Fuel cells
  • Virtual pipelines/tube trailers
  • Refueling stations (infrastructure)
  • ICE (Internal Combustion Engines)/FCEV systems
  • Dispensers and priority panels
  • Analyzer and sampling systems

hydrogen molecules

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Solutions for Hydrogen Production

Generating Truly Green Energy

Achieving hydrogen’s potential as an energy source starts at the beginning. The electrolysis process—which breaks water into hydrogen and oxygen using sustainably generated electricity—requires high-integrity fluid system components that reliably transfer hydrogen and oxygen to their next destination in the production process.

  • High-quality materials help ensure that all critical components maintain their integrity to resist the inherent challenges of hydrogen containment
  • Readily available parts and prefabricated system applications for quick scalability can help hydrogen producers stay nimble and meet the growing demand for hydrogen power
  • Leak-tight containment of small-molecule gases for system integrity across a broad range of process instrumentation further promotes improved safety, efficiency, and profitability

We offer a broad range of solutions for hydrogen electrolysis and fuel cell applications, made from the highest-quality materials. And we can help you maintain efficient production with specialized knowledge and local service.


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Solutions for Hydrogen Distribution and Infrastructure

Designing Leak-tight Systems for Long Service Life 

Getting cleanly produced hydrogen to end-use applications involves a closely linked chain of processing, storage, distribution, and transmission equipment. Across physical and virtual hydrogen pipelines, high levels of fluid system performance are a necessity.

  • Achieving desirable energy density in storage and transport necessitates high-pressure storage and containment, requiring components that can handle pressures up to 1050 bar (15 229 psi) 
  • Leak-tight transfer is critical to maintaining profitability, reliability, and safety as hydrogen moves throughout the pipeline
  • Ease of installation and local service are key to quickly ramping up infrastructure as developers seek to maximize the opportunity of hydrogen as an energy source

We offer the solutions you need to reliably distribute hydrogen, including a complete suite of high-performance products along with custom or standard preassembled systems. And we can apply our specialized knowledge to help you accelerate the development of important hydrogen microgrids and distribution infrastructure.



Solutions for Hydrogen Compression and Refueling

Create Safe, High-Integrity Solutions

Reliable infrastructure is vital as hydrogen usage scales up to handle increasing demand. Applications like compressors, storage cylinders, priority panels, pressure control devices, and dispensers that deliver hydrogen need the highest-quality componentry.

  • Components and connections must be able to withstand rapidly-changing temperatures and resist vibration during dispensing cycles without experiencing any form of degradation
  • Rapidly scaling hydrogen infrastructure requires the ability to quickly design and assemble complex systems safely and consistently
  • Ultimately, refueling stations must enable any end user to operate a dispenser with minimal risk

Our complete portfolio of fluid system products will help ensure your standards are upheld on every installation.

hydrogen compression and refueling

Swagelok supports hydrogen compression and refueling with:


Solutions for Hydrogen Mobility

Durable Performance for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has demonstrated major promise for heavy-duty vehicle applications. Reliable performance requires systems built with components that can withstand the unique demands of on-road use.

Swagelok hydrogen vehicle solutions are engineered and built for:

  • Uncompromising vibration resistance that is essential for critical connections in hydrogen fuel systems
  • Ease of installation that helps OEMs keep new vehicles moving down the production line efficiently
  • Fast and reliable delivery in support of just-in-time production strategies

On-vehicle solutions from Swagelok—ranging from individual components to complete custom assemblies—deliver on these needs and more. Select solutions have demonstrated the specific performance characteristics to meet the required EC-79 and HGV 3.1 certification for use in hydrogen vehicles and are accepted in the International Material Data System (IMDS).



proper materials for LNG/CNG mobility applications  

Get the Right Materials

Don’t Risk Your Reputation with the Wrong Alloys

Our products are made of alloys with at least two (often up to ten) different elements in optimized formulas to deliver superior corrosion resistance.

Hydrogen mobility and transportation applications have unique operational demands. Only the highest grades of stainless steel can resist the introduction and diffusion of hydrogen molecules into the material. Swagelok® 316 stainless steel is specifically formulated to overcome hydrogen embrittlement with enhanced strength and corrosion resistance.

  • Lesser-quality stainless steels with low nickel and chromium content are more susceptible to on-road corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Elastomeric components must be considered in the materials selection process for the critical role they play in reliable operation and chemical compatibility.

We’ll help you specify the proper materials for fuel systems, tube trailers, hydrogen infrastructure panels, and dispensing systems. With a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to corrosion, we simplify the selection process.

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