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API process side seal plans

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Seal Support System Process Side Plans

Seal Plan Kits

Most Swagelok-built process side plans for seal support are available as seal plan kits. Each kit contains everything needed for proper installation, including an engineered drawing, making it simple to standardize how plans are connected to the pump during turnarounds or other projects. These kits also adhere to API best practices by showing technicians where to bend tubing to eliminate potential leak points through the reduction of elbow fittings and pipe threads.

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Seal Plan Assemblies

Swagelok also offers process seal plan assemblies. Seal plan assemblies can be ordered alone or with the associated field installation kit to provide a standard installation for site personnel. When procuring seal plan assemblies for pump installations or retrofits, please contact your authorized Swagelok sales and service center to ensure the proper amount of tubing and tube support materials are provided for a safe and effective installation.

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