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Tubing System Training

Swagelok tubing system training

The Swagelok® Tubing System Training Program

The Swagelok® Tubing System Training Program is a globally standardized workshop designed to give your team thorough instruction on industry best practices for ensuring high-integrity tubing systems.

No matter your industry, this hands-on training is ideal for installers, engineers, designers, QC/QA inspectors, and others responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and/or inspecting tubing systems. This Swagelok training is designed to cover how to install a ferrule tube fitting, inspection, tube bending, and other relevant topics.

Each course is facilitated by a Swagelok-certified subject matter expert and provides theoretical and practical experience through a combination of explanation, demonstration, hands-on exercises, and validation. All attendees receive a Swagelok certificate of completion, subject to successful completion of both practical and theoretical exam.

Currently, our Tube System Training Program is available for several industries. Visit the links to learn more specifics about TSTP training for each industry.

Learn about the relationship between installation requirements and safety in the workplace with our industry-specific standardized training programs for hydrogen, oil and gas, and chemical and refining applications.

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