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API Plan 41 Cooled Flush with Cyclone Separator

API Plan 41 is a cooled version of Plan 31. Solids are removed from the flush fluid by incorporating a cyclone separator. Flow is routed from the discharge side of the pump through the cyclone separator. Clean flush fluid leaving the separator is routed through a cooler before being returned to the seal chamber. Flush fluid containing solids is routed back into the suction side of the pump. In order for Plan 41 to be effective, it is recommended that the specific gravity of the solids be twice the specific gravity of the flush fluid.

API Plan 41
API Plan 41
Kit components shown solid and include some optional components.

This plan:

  • Removes solids from the flush fluid
  • Provides clean and cooled flush fluid to the seal chamber
  • Removes heat from the seal chamber
  • Ensures proper pressure in the seal chamber in order to prevent pumped fluid from vaporizing
  • Allows seal chamber to be self-venting when used with horizontal pumps

Plan 41 is available as a kit of components ready for field assembly. Kit contents may include:

  • Swagelok tube fittings
  • Flange adapters
  • Pipe fittings
  • V series 2-valve manifold
  • 63 series ball valves
  • Bimetal thermometer
  • TTW series thermowell tee
  • PGI series gauges
  • Tubing
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Heat exchanger
  • Heat exchanger stand
  • Cyclone separator
  • Pipe nipple

See page 29 of the Mechanical Seal Support Systems Application Guide for additional details and ordering information. Contact your authorized Swagelok sales and service center for information on optional components.

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