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API Plan 75 Condensing Leakage Collection

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API Plan 75 collects leakage from the inboard seal in applications where normal process fluid leakage can condense between the seals at ambient temperatures. In this arrangement, a reservoir is connected to the containment seal drain port on the gland. Condensed leakage from the inner seal is collected in the reservoir while vapor is routed to the flare system. Excessive liquid inner seal leakage is detected by a level transmitter, while excessive gaseous leakage is detected by a pressure transmitter situated prior to an orifice on the tubing connected to the flare. A visual level indicator on the reservoir indicates when the reservoir needs to be drained.

API Plan 75 Collection Vessel API Plan 75 Kit
API Plan 75 Collection Vessel and API Plan 75 Kit
Assembly and kit shown with some optional components.

This plan:

  • Collects and monitors inboard seal leakage that condenses at ambient temperatures
  • Is typically used in conjunction with a Plan 72

Plan 75 is available as an assembled collection vessel. The associated field installation kit for use in connecting the collection vessel to your system is also available. Collection vessel contents may include:

  • Swagelok tube fittings
  • 63 series ball valves
  • V series 2-valve manifold
  • PGI series gauges
  • Swagelok pipe fittings
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Level transmitter
  • Level gauge
  • Collection reservoir

See page 63 of the Mechanical Seal Support Systems Application Guide for additional details and ordering information. Contact your authorized Swagelok sales and service center for information on optional components.

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