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Oil & Gas Tubing System Training

Swagelok tubing system training for the oil & gas industry

The Swagelok® Tubing System Training Program, Oil and Gas

The Swagelok® Tubing System Training Program, Oil & Gas, is a globally standardized two-day workshop designed to address the JIP33 S-716 requirement and give your team thorough instruction on industry best practices for ensuring high-integrity tubing systems. 

Recent oil and gas industry trends have demonstrated substantial budget and schedule overruns. The oil and gas community within the World Economic Forum (WEF) has implemented a Capital Project Complexity (CPC) initiative seeking to reduce upstream project costs via industrywide standardization. 

Developed by the International Oil & Gas Producers Association (IOGP) with support from the WEF, JIP33 “Standardization of Equipment Specifications for Procurement” aims to improve industry-level standardization and deliver step-change benefits to the oil and gas sector. 

Oil and gas production facilityThe S-716 Small Bore Tubing and Fittings specification prepared under JIP33 provides the requirements for the design, material selection, installation, inspection, testing, and marking of tubing sizes up to 2” (50mm) in offshore and onshore environments. To be compliant with JIP33, S-716 operators and support companies in the oil and gas sector must ensure their tubing systems are installed by personnel who have been certified by the fitting manufacturer’s approved product training program or equivalent industry training program, including hands-on assembly. 

About the Course


This training program is designed to provide knowledge and understanding of:

  • Safe installation practices when working with tubing systems
  • Correct material selection and engineered combinations
  • Correct storage, handling, and preparation of tubing
  • Tube installation, routing, and support
  • Swagelok® two ferrule tube fitting Installation
  • Swagelok® FK series medium-pressure tube fittings and cone and thread Installation
  • Tube bending
  • Tube fitting installation inspection
  • Straight and tapered thread Installation practices
  • Safe operation of fluid systems and leak-free performance

Target Audience

This hands-on training is ideal for installers, engineers, designers, QC/QA inspectors, and others responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and/or inspecting tubing systems in upstream oil and gas applications. Successful attendees will be able to verify their course completion and credentials. 

Course Format

The training provides theoretical and practical experience through a combination of explanation, demonstration, hands-on exercises, and validation. All attendees receive a Swagelok® Tube Fitter’s Installer’s Guide, Hand Tube Bender manual, and gap inspection gauge for 1/4-inch (6mm), 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch (12 mm) tube fitting sizes. A Swagelok certificate of completion will be awarded to attendees, subject to successful completion of both practical and theoretical exam. The certificate is valid for three years. 

The program addresses common concerns that are root causes for project overruns, including: 

  • Leaks on tube fittings and threaded connections due to incorrect installation
  • Improper tube preparation
  • Undertightened and overtightened fittings
  • Intermix and Interchange
  • Tube blowout
  • Contamination
  • Thread galling
  • Crossed threads
  • Surface finish damage
  • Vibration issues
  • Poor tubing layout
  • Improperly supported tubing
  • Bend defects and bend radius interference


This course is facilitated by a Swagelok-certified subject matter expert. 

Swagelok Advantage

Swagelok works directly with oil and gas majors to meet S-716 training requirements and provides technical consultation to IOGP spec teams responsible for writing the JIP33 standards. Swagelok trainers know precisely what it takes to meet tubing and fitting regulatory compliance in oil and gas applications. Learn practical knowledge in the classroom so that your team can use their skills to solve challenges in the field. 

How to Register

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