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Swagelok product certifications help you select products with confidence, knowing that we meet or exceed specifications in the industries we serve.

By Industry

Certifications for the biopharmceutical Industury

Biopharm Certifications

Search by Biopharm Services Company


EC-79 (On-Vehicle)

Natural Gas

ECE-R110 and NGV 3.1 (On-Vehicle) and NGV 4.2 (Refueling Infrastructure)


ASME NPT Certification of Authorization


ABS, Maritime, DNV, LR, and USN Approvals

By Category

Canadian Approvals (CRN)

Provincial (10) and Territory (3) Approvals by Registration Number (CRN)

Chinese Approvals

Weld System, Cylinder, and Nuclear Safety Equipment; General Industry and Oil and Gas

Cylinder Approvals

DOT, Alloy 400 and TPED Cylinders

European Approvals

PED Quality System Module H&D, TPED 16D, TPED 3N, and TPED Needle Valve

German Approvals

DVGW (Gas and Water) and TUV (Equipment and Product Safety Act) Certifications

Japanese High- Pressure Toxic Gas

METI Certifications for Fittings, Valves, Manifolds, Strainers, and Regulators

Korean Approvals

KGSC for Valves Used in Toxic Gas Applications


NPT Certificate of Authorization

Quality System Approvals

Health and Safety, Environmental, and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems