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Fluid System Assembly Service FAQs

Fluid System Assembly Service FAQs



What Are the Main Components of Fluid System Design?

Fluid systems can vary dramatically depending on the application, from hydraulic or pneumatic systems- along with systems that handle real, ideal, Newtonian & non-Newtonian fluids. Regardless of the exact application of the assembly, two main components to account for in the design of a fluid system are the parts & people.

Parts: From regulators, hoses, valves and beyond, it is important to consider the ideal components for an assembly from performance, to material compatibility and absence of defects.

People: The human influence on a fluid design system begins with expertise. Leveraging knowledge from a backlog of successful designs and a deep understanding of best practices has a cascading effect on each stage of production, as well as each additional individual impacted by the fluid system upon completion. Expertise can improve the manufacturing, assembly, ease-of-use, maintenance, and safety of a fluid system, which benefits not only the system operators but also ownership and customers.



What is Assembly Engineering?

Assembly Engineering is the umbrella term for the practice of overseeing the design, development, and optimization of critical manufacturing processes.

Swagelok has developed a unique capacity for providing comprehensive assembly engineering services to our partners in the case where a capacity for design and optimization isn’t present.

Alternatively, Swagelok is able to collaborate with existing design teams to deliver specified fluid system assemblies and components and assist in testing and optimization as needed.



What Does Swagelok Fluid System Design & Assembly Service Include?

  • The capabilities of over 200+ service centers around the globe
  • An initial design consultation with Swagelok specialists to determine the need for a standardized or custom assembly
  • Final approval from our partners prior to assembly manufacturing
  • Quality component selection and sourcing from our 20+ manufacturing centers
  • Expert services such as bending and welding to achieve a leak-free assembly
  • Rigorous testing and inspection of every completed assembly
  • Careful packaging and delivery of assemblies in a timely manner
  • Installation oversight from Swagelok specialists ensuring assemblies are properly installed, and all necessary personnel are trained on operation and maintenance of your brand new Swagelok assembly.




What Are the Benefits of Choosing Swagelok to Build & Assemble My Fluid System?

Swagelok has leveraged decades of manufacturing industry-leading fluid system components into full- service solutions that continue to deliver the same quality and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect along with expertise and services built on our core values:

  • Customer focus
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Continuous Improvement

With hundreds of satisfied customers already, Swagelok is continuing to offer businesses the opportunity to find efficiency, reliability, and most importantly- profitability with their fluid systems.