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Michael Calaway, Vice president, Marketing

Michael Calaway

Vice President, Marketing

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After graduating from Texas Tech with a degree in electrical engineering, I could have landed a position in a high-tech industry. Instead, I decided to work as an instrumentation engineer for ExxonMobil. That choice set me on a unique career path.

I worked on the refining side of the business in multiple locations, including Washington, DC, New Orleans, and California. And, it’s here that I was first introduced to Swagelok products—as a customer. Part of my responsibilities included leading a maintenance team who installed and maintained products, and I saw the importance of the incredible work Swagelok does on a day-to-day basis.

As I progressed in my career, my interests evolved. I enjoyed solving challenges, but now the scope was broader. I was still enjoying finding ways to make processes more efficient. Perhaps more importantly, I found that I loved learning how to motivate people. I began to appreciate how important it was to have everyone in the organization working toward a single goal and wanted to learn more about how organizations function and thrive.

When I left the refining world, I joined Emerson as a business development manager. Over the course of my nine years with the organization, I moved into roles as director of marketing and vice president of product management. It was a great opportunity to dive deep into business strategy and the sales process, from learning how to identify customer needs to understanding what motivates customers to purchase products. Much of my time with the organization was focused on developing products and solutions that served customers.

While gaining hands-on business experience at Emerson, I also earned my MBA from Southern Methodist University.

Today, as vice president, marketing, for Swagelok Company, I’m responsible for helping provide clarity for the organization by setting a clear direction for the long-term and ensuring the team is aligned to reach our goals in the most effective way. My direct industry experience, combined with my background in sales and business development, allows me to bring a unique perspective to my role.

I believe the strength of our portfolio of products and services should be a source of pride and excitement for our entire team. Our core product has stood the test of time, performing in a wide variety of industries, and it continues to be relevant in a changing world. I’m thrilled to now be a part of the team who will build on our solid foundation and take it to the next level.

Swagelok has a wonderful culture and places so much focus on associate development and relationship building. It’s a great fit for me and my leadership style. As a leader, I enjoy connecting with my teams and do my best to put myself in their shoes if they are facing a challenge. It’s important for me to see associates thrive in their roles, so I’m passionate about helping them define their career paths and giving them guidance to help them excel.

On a personal note, my wife and I enjoy keeping busy with our growing family. I’m an avid fan of all college sports and love following my favorite teams. When time allows, I also enjoy playing golf and pursuing my interest in nature photography.