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Swagelok's ESG Commitments

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Priorities

Swagelok's environmental. social and governance commitments

Swagelok’s core values shape our dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics as we work with customers, support our associates, give back to our communities, and develop supplier relationships.

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We strive to minimize our environmental impact through highly efficient manufacturing operations and helping customers meet their sustainability objectives.

Reducing landfill waste and managing energy

Reducing Landfill Waste and Managing Energy

We use lean methods and tools to minimize waste and energy use in our manufacturing operations and facilities.

Highlight: 37% of Swagelok’s domestic energy is purchased from clean energy sources.

Swagelok helps customers achieve their sustainability goals

Helping Customers Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

We empower customers to curb fugitive and direct emissions by providing a range of low-emission and leak-tight products, as well as deep technical expertise in monitoring and analytical instrumentation.

Highlight: We support by creating and/or improving customers’ fluid systems designs to address customer emission targets.

Man refilling a hydrogen vehicle

Supporting the Global Movement Toward Green Energy

We provide technical consultation and specialized products to companies focused on generating, distributing, and harnessing low- or zero-emission energy.

Highlight: We develop solutions to meet the unique needs of hydrogen handling systems and other clean energy applications.


We are committed to nurturing an environment where associates can bring their best for customers, the community, and each other every day. Our values guide us to make a difference where we live and work.

The Swagelok Foundation supports Swagelok’s community engagement efforts through financial investment in our communities

The Swagelok Foundation

The Swagelok Foundation supports Swagelok’s community engagement efforts through financial investment in our communities. In addition, the Swagelok Foundation offers direct grants and a matching gifts program that supports a broad range of nonprofits that align with our associates’ interests.

Highlight: Since the matching gifts program launched in 2021, over 300 organizations have received dollar-for-dollar donations.

Swagelok supports organizations in the community

Supporting Organizations in the Community

We focus our efforts in the community on advancing manufacturing and STEM, closing the trade skill gap, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Highlight: We partner with the U.S. Department of Defenses’ Skillbridge program for military members transitioning to the civilian sector.

Swagelok promotes safe practices at work

Promoting Safe Practices at Work

Swagelok has consistently achieved top quartile safety performance (measured by DART injury rates vs. industry) by promoting safe practices at work, following well established safety policies, and educating associates about their shared role in protecting our workplace.

Highlight: Swagelok is certified to the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety standard.


Our supply chain partners play a critical role in our ability to make and deliver products to our customers, and we take great care in identifying and evaluating potential suppliers before doing business.

To help us stay true to our values, Swagelok associates complete regular training to reenforce our Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

To help us stay true to our values, associates complete regular training to reenforce our Code of Conduct, which outlines the standards expected of all associates. Swagelok also maintains an Open Door Policy that provides numerous avenues for associates to raise concerns.

View the Swagelok Corporate Code of Conduct >

Swagelok Supplier Code of Ethics

Swagelok Supplier Code of Ethics

We conduct various audits of our suppliers and require them to certify compliance with our established supplier standards in the areas of ethics and responsible sourcing, including policies addressing conflict minerals, labor and human rights, health and safety, and environmental impact.

View the Swagelok Supplier Code of Ethics >

Swagelok has zero tolerance for human trafficking and forced labor

Human Trafficking and Forced Labor

Swagelok has zero tolerance for human trafficking and forced labor, and it complies with all child labor and other laws.

View the Swagelok Antislavery, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking Statement >