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Our Leadership

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Thomas F. Lozick

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Brent A. Blouch

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Customer Solutions

James Cavoli, Chief Operating Officer

James Cavoli

Chief Operating Officer

Ward Dumm, Vice President, Operations

Ward Dumm

Senior Vice President, Operations

Joel Feldman

Vice President, Corporate Engineering

Rob Hastings, Vice President, Distributor Support Services

Rob Hastings

Vice President, Distributor Support Services

Connor Herr, Vice President of Marketing

Connor Herr

Vice President, Marketing

Matthew P. LoPiccolo

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Program Office

David J. Lucarelli, Vice President, Global Human Resources

David J. Lucarelli

Chief Human Resources Officer

Chris Miklich

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Nehez, Vice President, Information Services and Chief Information Officer

Chris Nehez

Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Jay Nordholt

Vice President, Continuous Improvement and Quality

Theresa L. Polachek

Vice President, Corporate Communications

Steve Sparkes, Vice President, Asia-Pacific

Steve Sparkes

Vice President, Asia-Pacific and Vice President, Global Construction