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Legacy Products

Swagelok Legacy Products

The Building Blocks of Our Quality Brand

Several product companies were grown within Swagelok and branded to give them their own identity, while other product additions were achieved by acquiring product companies with existing quality brands. In 1998, Swagelok began to consolidate the five product companies into a single Swagelok brand.

Cajon Company

In 1954, to meet this demand for “non-traditional” fittings, Cajon Company was formed.

Whitey Tool and Die Company

Whitey Tool and Die Company was added to the Swagelok family in 1958.

Sno-Trik Company

In 1967, Sno-Trik Company joined the Swagelok family.


In 1956, growth in the nuclear power industry led to the formation of Nuclear Products Company.

Kenmac Limited

In 2003, Swagelok Company completed the acquisition of Kenmac Limited which broadened the Swagelok portfolio to include piping products, regulators, and other fluid system products.