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Pre-Engineered Subsystems


Product Groups

Pre-Engineered Subsystems

Calibrating and Switching Modules

Highly configurable unit built with Swagelok modular platform component (MPC) products. It performs final conditioning of sample before analysis and selects from up to 10 sample and 2 calibration streams using the Swagelok stream selector system (SSV series).

MS-02-360.PDF (2108 KB) Catalog CN DE EN ES fr RU

Fast Loop Modules

Designed for handling long transport lines from tap to analyzer; Minimum pressure drop for fastest response time; Interlocking handles help prevent incorrect sequence of operation.

MS-02-361.PDF (1381 KB) Catalog CN de en es fr RU

Field Station Modules

Preconditions a gas sample at the extraction point; Is highly configurable to match process conditions; Can mount directly to process nozzles.

MS-02-359.PDF (2771 KB) Catalog CN de en es fr RU

Fluid Distribution Headers

Versatile manifold for gas and liquid applications; Swagelok components for reliability; Fluid distribution headers can be connected inline to create longer lengths.

MS-02-358.PDF (908 KB) Catalog de en es fr RU

Sample Probe Modules

Wide range of probes for various applications; Probe interlocks to protect equipment; Valve interlocks for improved safety of operation.

MS-02-425.PDF (939 KB) Catalog CN de en es fr RU