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Swagelok Southwest

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Tube Fitting Safety Installation Seminar | 90 Minutes

Swagelok Training and Education
Learn from the experts at Swagelok Southwest.

Our customers trust us to provide expert hands-on training on the proper application and installation of our many fluid system products. This 90-minute course includes correct pull-up instruction, use of the Swagelok inspection gauge, dis-assembly and remake, and safety considerations of tube systems. Customer benefits include:

  • Improved employee skills
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Reduced rework costs
  • Increased employee safety
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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Tube Fitting Safety Installation Seminar Course Outline

Swagelok Tube Fittings

  • Installation and remake procedures
  • Gaugeability
  • Good installation practices

Installation Precautions

  • Ferrule orientation
  • Failure to bottom tubing into the fitting
  • Over-tightening / under-tightening
  • Mixing of materials (brass fittings & stainless steel tubing)
  • Intermixing of components between manufacturers


  • Tube preparation (cutting, deburring, etc.)
  • Handling
  • Selection

Swagelok Adapter Fittings

  • Getting the most out of “off-the-shelf” items
  • Proper installation and use

Related Topics Available on Request

  • Swagelok VCR, VCO, Ultra-Torr, Pipe Fittings or PFA fittings
  • Thread identification
  • Severe service assembly

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