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Swagelok Southwest

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Orbital Weld Training | 5-Day ASME Section IX Qualification

Orbital Welding Training at Swagelok Southwest
Obtain ASME Section IX Weld Qualification

This 5-day course is designed to provide each participant with an understanding of orbital welding principles, design standards, equipment, and welding procedures. Each student will complete multiple weld coupons and paperwork required for ASME Section IX weld qualification testing. All ASME Section IX weld qualification testing costs are included in the class registration fee.

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Note:  This class utilizes the Swagelok® M200 Orbital Welding System exclusively.

Upcoming Course Dates:

M - F, May 6 - May 10, 2024

Time:    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mon-Thu, 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Fri
Swagelok Southwest Albuquerque Office

Course objectives

  • Understand basic metallurgy and industry standards, and specifications for welding
  • Set up and operate Swagelok orbital welding equipment
  • Utilize bore scope for weld inspection
  • Learn how to select, use, and care for tungsten electrodes
  • Learn how proper gas selection and purging techniques affect weld quality
  • Troubleshoot common issues
  • Practice orbital weld procedures up to 1.5” tubing diameter
  • Develop weld procedures and adjust the variables of the GTAW process
  • Learn about weld shrinkage and how to calculate cut lengths
  • Create an assembly within allowable tolerances
  • Create test coupons to be submitted for ASME Section IX Welder Qualification

    What's included? 

    5 days of training, orbital weld equipment and consumables to complete all practical projects, student course guide, weld reference cards, certificate of completion, ASME Section IX weld test coupon submissions and paperwork, lunch and snacks each day.

    • Day 1 (full day)
    • GTAW process, history, evolution, practical theory, and weld variables

      Day 2 (full day)

    • Overview of Swagelok welding system functions, setup and operations
    • Introduction to the 5H fixture block; side plates, plenums, collets, adjusting alignment, and using the arc gap gage
    • Using the auto-generate function to create a welding program on 1/2” x .065” SS tubing
    • Define what makes an acceptable weld, how to evaluate a weld and how to generate a weld coupon
    • Using the level adjustment feature on the M200 power supply
    • Developing weld parameters to meet specific weld size (root width)

      Day 3 (full day)

    • How to weld differential wall
    • Review of Standard Operating Procedures
    • Introduction to the 20H fixture block
    • Additional weld coupon exercises, 1/4” and 1/2”
    • Welding larger sizes, 1” or 1 1/2”, and implementation of tacking

      Day 4 (full day)

    • Introduction of Micro-Fit® fixture block
    • Weld shrinkage calculations
    • Facing tool setup and operation
    • Weld assembly within allowable tolerances
    • Prep spool pieces for ASME Section IX test submissions

      Day 5 (half day)

    • Reserved for ASME Section IX weld coupons and paperwork
    • Each student must submit 4 samples of 1/4” and 4 samples of 1/2”

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