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Swagelok Southwest

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Advanced Tube Bending Training

Gas Cabinet Practical Exercise-Swagelok Advanced Tube Bending Day 3
PHOTO: Student Practical Project from Advanced Tube Bending Training (Day 3)

Learning Objectives:

The objectives of Advanced Tube Bending Training is for participants to acquire a variety of advanced bending skills and techniques that will help them achieve optimal system performance while working effectively, safely, and with less scrap and rework.

Note: Previous tube bending experience not required.


If  you would like to be notified of future training dates please email or call (602) 812-7776.


    • Practice with 1/4 in. hand tube bender
    • Swagelok tube bending method
    • Offsets
    • Minimum distance between bends
    • Custom offsets
    • Parallel tubing runs
    • Rolling offsets
    • Segmented bends
    • Peg board practical exercise

    What is Included?
    • Hands on instruction
    • Loaner tools and consumables to complete practical projects
    • Student course guides
    • Certificate of completion
    • Lunch and snacks  

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