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Swagelok Southwest

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Construction Support

Do You Need Support for Your Construction Project?

Swagelok Southwest can help you stay on schedule, reduce material and labor waste, and increase safety.

Product Availability to Meet Schedule

We’ll help you meet schedule by having the product you need, when you need it. We carry over 3,500 part numbers locally and are supported by a regional warehouse with over 6,500 part numbers. Learn more about our Collaborative Stocking Programs.

Pre-Fabricated Items to Reduce Labor

To save time and reduce field labor, we provide a range of sub-assembles that are pre-built and ready to install. Check out our purge solutions which are designed to help busy contractors mobilize in a hurry:






Training to Assure First-Time Quality

We deliver installation and project training programs for installers, engineers, and QA/QC personnel to help increase safety, assure consistent first-time quality, and reduce rework:

Tube Fitting Installation

VCR Fitting

Orbital Welding

Tube Bending

Tech Talk Webinars

Tools and Rental Equipment

We offer Swagelok Tools and Orbital Welding Systems for purchase. Rental Tools like Welding Systems, Bench Top Benders and Multihead Hydraulic Swagelok Units are readily available without the need to purchase capital equipment.

Engineering and Advisory Services

Our expert team is available to collaborate with you on detailed drawings and specifications. Our Field Engineering Team can visit your worksite to evaluate your project and provide recommendations to simplify installation, increase performance and reduce maintenance costs.

How Can We Best Support You?

Contact a member of our Sales and Service Team to get started.