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Swagelok Southwest

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Valve Selection Seminar | 60 Minutes

General Industrial Assembly by Swagelok
Choose the ideal valve for each application.

This course will help ensure team members can quickly select the right valve for each job. During this 60-minute course, we teach our customers a step-by-step decision making process that will help eliminate the guess-work in valve selection. Customer benefits include:   

  • Valve selection expertise gained
  • Reduced misapplication of valves
  • Reduced or eliminated costs associated with valve failures
  • Improved system performance
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved quality
  • Increased safety
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Safe Valve Selection and Maintenance Course Outline

This course may be customized to include valves for general industrial applications, high purity applications, or both.

  • Valve basics and terminology
  • Valve construction & options
  • Identifying and determining valve functions
  • Understanding system conditions
  • Determining flow and valve sizing
  • Identification of common valve problems
  • Installation considerations
  • Valve maintenance

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