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Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas

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Custom Solutions

Swagelok Oklahoma West Texas Custom Solutions Panels In A Row

Fabricating a custom fluid system can be a challenge due to lack of resources, time, or personnel. We can help.

Unique challenges require the right solutions. You need a solution uniquely tailored to your needs, and you need it now. You could spend your resources on designing, sourcing, building, and testing a solution. Or you could take advantage of Swagelok’s expertise as an integrated supplier of more than just products. We provide local support, backed by a global experience, from initial concept to assembly. Our finished assemblies lower your costs by reducing your in-house component inspections, QA effort, component handling, rework & scrap, and assembly time.


Whether your idea is just that—an idea, the result of a conversation, or a design to optimize—we can enhance it with 3D drawings compatible with your engineering drawing system, including: 

  • Analytical and process instrumentation systems
  • Medium- and high-pressure applications


Start with some of our most widely known products: valves, regulators, and manifolds. Add the expertise  required to put together the componentry into a  solution you can use. The results? Custom component, assembly, and enclosure fabrication, including: 

  • Changeover manifolds
  • Preset relief and check valves
  • Lube oil skids


You know what you want to do—now you need it done efficiently. Let Swagelok provide and assemble components to meet your exacting requirements.

  • High-volume tube bending and swaging
  • Orbital Welding
  • Custom hose cutting and end connection selection

Quality-Certified Products

For starters, we can assure the parts you receive from us are of the finest quality. Upon request, we can provide the following certification information:

  • Typical mechanical and chemical properties certificates of compliance
  • Nuclear certificates of compliance (fitting only)
  • Traceable certified material test reports (CMTR)
  • Nuclear traceable CMTRs
  • Certificates of origin 

Factory-Certified Assembly Training

Swagelok’s Quality System (SQS) standards ensure that our Custom Solutions personnel have completed Swagelok-administered training course in areas such as these:

  • Tube fitting and tube adapter fitting assembly
  • Fitting reassembly
  • Orbital welding
  • Hand and bench-top bending

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Like everything else we provide, our custom solutions services are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Peace of mind for the entire system we build for you.

So whether simple and small or large and complex, Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas can support your fabrication needs: 

  • Instrumentation Panels
  • Skid Fabrication
  • Gas Sampling Panels
  • Grab Sampling Systems 
  • Gas Regulator Quick Mounts 
  • Purge Gas Control Panels 
  • Sample Cylinder Assemblies 
  • Specialized Tube Bending 
  • Instrument Enclosures 
  • Tube &  Pipe Fitting Assemblies 
  • Regulator Assemblies
  • Actuated Ball Valves
  • Automatic Changeover Regulator Panels
  • CAD Design and Support

Have an idea? Have a question? Have a unique issue? Contact us for your Custom Solution!

Also Available:
Engineered Tubing
- In our state-of-the-art facility, we can 3D scan your  existing tube or take your drawing and download into our equipment. From there we cut, deburr and bend with amazing accuracy. We compare our first sample to yours by 3D scanning the bend with our 7 axis arm, and make any adjustments necessary. We make a second sample with the same procedure and verify we are making your parts to your exact specifications. 

Hose Fabrication
- Our vast selection of hose products, along with our ability to fabricate end connections allows us to meet your most diverse demands in custom lengths and pre-assembled end connections.

Component Fabrication - Significantly cut your lead times on special components by allowing us to assemble standard parts. Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas  offers a variety of standard parts that can be welded together to make special adapters and jumps sizes. Our certified technicians assure the same  integrity and warranty that you would expect from Swagelok.

Regulator Panels and Change Over Manifolds - We can customize point-of-use regulator panels and gas cylinder change over manifolds to meet exact design requirements. Tell us what you need and we can provide the complete solution. 

Analytical Instrumentation - Our analytical instrumentation abilities combine with our fluid system products to optimize analyzer performance. Our product line includes: Grab sample systems, Sample cylinders, SMART systems, and Pre-engineered Subsystems (PrESS)

Enclosures - We offer a variety of systems enclosures for applications where containment is critical. Let our qualified team of  experts assist with the most complex designs. If your  application requires non-Swagelok components, just  specify what you need and we will procure and fabricate your assembly as one part number for ease of ordering.

Orbital Welding Services - Orbital welding services are provided by our Swagelok certified and trained ASME Section IX orbital welding specialist for the most demanding applications. Our high quality attention to detail can be applied to stainless steel  tubing systems 1/8 to 4 inch in diameter with a maximum wall thickness of 0.120 inch. Other alloy options are available upon request. An optional helium leak test is also available.


       grab sample transparent                 
             actuated valve                    actuator            

   actualtor 2

    cabinet with manifold  filter panel

  dual regulator
 flange  regulator with flange
          smart system 3
 steam trap transparent  thermal relief valve no background

suitcase assembly
    60 w orange  bent tube

hose with flange

 fuel additve  panels

    chinese filter

       tripod  cs for retator