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Business Support

sales and service center business support

Swagelok® Business Support Services

Swagelok® has more than 200 authorized sales and service center locations in 70 countries across six continents focused on making the lives of Swagelok customers easier. Beyond onsite services, design and assembly services, and training, local Swagelok sales and service centers can also provide business support services to make it as simple as possible to work with Swagelok.


Find Out How We Build, Test, and Ship Products You Need

Check out our Order Fulfillment Center and learn about the quality and testing measures we apply when assembling a wide range of valves.

B2B Purchasing Support

Our e-Procurement resources make it simple and cost-effective to conduct transactions in a manner that suits your procurement processes. Make convenient online orders, and all purchases will be delivered through your local authorized sales and service center. Research, specify, and purchase Swagelok products online via marketplace channels such as Ariba®, Coupa®, and Proactis®. We also enable fully integrated solutions for the quote-to-cash cycle through the following direct methods using our supported communication protocols [HTTP(S), FTP(S), VAN, and AS2]:

  • EDI standards, including X12 and EDIFACT
  • Web-based protocols such as cXML and xCBL
  • Punchout and catalogues
  • Electronic payments made through all major credit card companies

Inventory Management

Our mission is to ensure you have the components you need when you need them. At the same time, we aim to reduce your procurement and inventory costs. Our sales and service representatives understand the importance of having the right fluid system components on hand when you need them, which is why they offer inventory management, logistical assistance, and other value-added services, such as:

  • Kitting (grouping products under a single part number and prepackaging them)
  • Products on consignment (holding components on site at our expense until you need them)
  • Automatic inventory replenishment
  • Product vending equipment
  • Summary billing
  • Order expediting

Product Consulting

Choosing the right or wrong fluid system product can make the difference between a reliable and unreliable system. To avoid unplanned downtime and lost revenue, work with experts at your local sales and service centers to find the right fit for your needs based on pressure, temperature, CV, material compatibility, different types of valves or actuation, assembly, and many other factors. We can also provide expert consultation on corrosion resistance, leak mitigation, safety factors, and process and system accuracy and design.


Learn about the benefits of Swagelok sales and service centers carrying inventory locally for customers:

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Find out how Swagelok’s vendor-managed inventory (VMI) helps LanzaTech save time, lower costs, and improve its responsiveness to customers.

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Bluefors Needs Critical Products Immediately Available

Hear how close collaboration with Swagelok on inventory management keeps production moving on schedule.

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New Flyer of America Maintains Tight Production Schedules

Learn about the different ways Swagelok supports New Flyer of America, including locally available critical product inventories.