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Process Analyzer Sampling System Training (PASS)

Optimize Your Process Analyzer Sampling System in Just Five Days. Designed for Analytical Instrumentation System Engineers, Technicians and Industry Professionals. This five-day training course covers aspects of a sample system, from process line and tap through transport lines, stream switching, sample conditioning, analyzer and disposal.


If you design, construct, operate or maintain sampling systems, you know how important quality data is. Inaccuracy usually results from problems within the sampling system, not the analyzer. With our hands-on training, we teach you to tell the difference. You can learn to diagnose and eliminate common sampling system design flaws that result in erroneous data by using engineering principles, formulas, and calculations rather than relying on guesswork. And you don’t have to do it alone. You'll design a system in class, and apply what you've learned to your own process analyzer sampling system. Swagelok training teaches you in days what it could take years to learn on your own.

Find out more in our PASS Training brochure and PASS course details.

Optimize Your Sampling Systems. Avoid Costly Mistakes.


The course is designed for Analytical Instrumentation System Engineers, Technicians and Industry Professionals. Here are a few examples of what attendees will learn:

  • Read and create sampling system schematics
  • Design and build a sampling system
  • Evaluate and determine sample tap location
  • Calculate pressure drop in a fast loop or return line
  • Predict vapor condensation

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Trainer:- Tony Waters

Industry Expert and Consultant
Tony Waters brings over 45 years of experience with process analyzers and sampling systems to his numerous training programs, which have been presented in many countries. Mr. Waters has also founded three companies, and has worked in engineering and marketing roles for an analyzer manufacturer, end-user, and a systems integrator. Mr. Waters holds a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Mr. Waters has authored a technical reference book, Industrial Sampling Systems.