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Swagelok Indonesia

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Oil and Gas Industry


Engineered For the Worlds Toughest Industry

Swagelok has a long history in Indonesia

Swagelok has been used in upstream oil and gas applications in Indonesia for many decades.

Swagelok Indonesia currently serves all major oil and gas producers as well as many hundreds of major contractors, suppliers and integrators.

Our sales engineering and support staff are based in the major extraction, engineering and manufacturing hotspots across Indonesia – such as Batam, Sumatra, Balikpapan and Jakarta.

For more information review our OIL & GAS INDUSTRY INTERACTIVE.PDF

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Every Year the Technical Challenges are More Complex ...

Nothing is getting easier in the oil and gas industry here in Indonesia.

  • Deeper wells, new drilling techniques and more equipment and controls on the ocean floor
  • Higher temperatures, pressures and more corrosive environments
  • Demanding standards, regulations and other forms of scrutiny and liability
  • More health, safety and environmental concerns

By partnering with Swagelok Indonesia, you gain access to our truly powerful global network of fluid system experts who understand these changing technology and process conditions.


Business and Market Pressures are Greater Too...

Every day you're faced with issues and emergencies that go beyond the purely technical:

  • Pace of change in the industry, new global standards and Indonesian regulatory requirements
  • Abbreviated timelines and cost pressures - Today, you're expected to do more with less
  • Doing business in challenging or remote regions across Indonesian islands and deep water locations
  • Retiring workforce - up to 50% of skilled workers could retire in the next 10 years. How do you bring new employees up to speed—fast?
  • Your reputation rests on the quality of your final product - Inaccuracies in your fluid system can affect the quality of your final product. That's pressure
  • High pressure. Extreme heat. There's potential for risk in any fluid system - Plant safety is your top priority

Are your suppliers there for you?

Not just with a product, but with the support you need, covering all the gaps and gray areas? At Swagelok, we have a passion for service – the kind that is hard to come by these days. We aim to be your valued technical partner. That takes us into many areas of support designed to address your business challenges. Examples include:

Fabrication and assembly - Reduce your costs in designing, sourcing, and assembling fluid systems by utilizing our Swagelok® Custom Solutions fabrication services
Fluid System Evaluation and Advisory Services - With our on-site inspection services app, Swagelok engineers can tag, photograph, and detail issues in an easy-to-read report to help resolve each finding
Inventory management and locally configured consignment stocks in Jakarta or Singapore
Swagelok Installation Training - Build a stronger, safer workforce by enhancing your team's fluid system knowledge and skills with Swagelok® training

For more information review our Interactive Oil and Gas PDF

We are ready now to help you with your oil and gas applications - however large or small.

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