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Swagelok Indonesia

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry


Engineered to Solve Complex Problems


Swagelok Indonesia has been providing products and services to many chemical, petrochemical, refinery and downstream processing companies in Cilegon and across the rest of Indonesia for many years. Many instrumentation and control professionals find success and value in Swagelok's process instrumentation and analytical instrumentation abilities. Swagelok® fluid system products are specifically designed to optimize analyzer performance. Known Swagelok quality and reliability minimizes safety concerns, costly leaks and unnecessary maintenance, downtime and reworks. Swagelok automation reduces labor costs and increases process control.

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We have a number of products and services specific for our chem/petrochem customers needs including:


Involved in the installation and maintenance of process instrumentation systems? Swagelok Indonesia is both qualified and eager to help you meet those everyday challenges, including minimizing or eliminating leaks, improving measurement quality and consistency, transitioning to wireless technology, reducing the amount of system maintenance needed and more. Swagelok's expanding portfolio of products, assemblies and services helps solve your fluid system problems.


Few companies can match the analytical instrumentation products, services and expertise offered by us here at Swagelok Indonesia. Using a combination of these resources, Swagelok can help you minimize flow volume for faster response, maintain sample purity, ensure data reliability, reduce your sampling footprint, increase system uptime, minimize leaks and meet the growing demand to reduce maintenance time in analytical sampling systems. For maximum measurement integrity, build a high-performance process instrumentation system solely with Swagelok fluid system components.

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