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Swagelok Indonesia

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Warehouse and Supply Chain

Our warehouse teams stand ready to delivery your goods

Supply Chain

We are committed to servicing Indonesia locally – with the help of our two warehouse facilities and global support network.

Swagelok Indonesia now has significant valves, fittings, tubing and other products stocked in our new purpose built warehouse and customer facility in Jakarta, as well as our regional facility in Singapore.

We have multiple weekly shipments from Cleveland, USA and other global Swagelok manufacturing and stocking locations.

Our supply chain management system anticipates demand based on historical usage and future customer orders to optimize our stocking profile. We are getting better and better with our on-hand availability and non-stocked lead times.

We know that we are part of your supply chain too and we are happy to discuss any bespoke stock or logistics solutions to help you be successful, drive down costs and increase efficiency.

“We now hold almost 25% of our annual usage of
Swagelok products at our new Jakarta facility at any
time. Our aim is to provide you with immediate availability
and work with your engineers to discuss more
cost effective – and more readily available solutions
– from stock.”