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Swagelok Indonesia

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Swagelok Solution for Transportation industry


Car Manufactures and Assemblies

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that the car manufacturing industry presents. With our expertise and tailored solutions, we are dedicated to helping car manufacturers optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and stay ahead in a competitive market. We help companies achieve proper fluid supply, lubrication, and cooling for industrial machines and equipment found everywhere based on applied standard and compliances. Swagelok products, training, and services can make the difference between leak-tight performance and leaking profits due to material waste and process inefficiency.

We know what is needed to take the pressure off plant managers, QA engineers, and others who manufacture, maintain, or operate industrial machines and equipment. That includes:

  • More knowledge about effective solutions for minimizing harsh vibration and mechanical stresses in critical fluid systems.
  • More standard and custom product options so that production lines do not come to a halt and service stays on schedue.
  • More safety and dependability designed into all types of applications that require a specialist’s touch.

We can help you design, build, install, and optimize everything that moves your business forward.

MRO Aviation

Safety, reliability, and range are top priorities. On-the ground facilities of Aircraft require high-integrity system components to contain high-pressure and small-molecule gases like Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and any other gases. Swagelok can help, with high-performance products and solutions specifically engineered for the toughest challenges.

  • Safe operation requires leak-tight containment systems, capable of build testing system at high pressures in your ground facilities for desired operational range that simulate aircraft equipment when its flying.
  • Consistent delivery of critical, custom parts and assemblies is essential to keep MRO activities effectives and on schedule.
  • Wide ranges of materials to accommodate special requirements.

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