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Swagelok Switzerland

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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Do you need absolute purity for your hygiene application? We have the right FDA approved products for your industry.
Take advantage of our training and services for maximum process integrity.

Food and beverage

Plant construction and maintenance

We offer comprehensive support for your industry. Our goal is to help you integrate and maintain leak-free fluid systems so that you can meet the high standards of product quality and purity in your plant. Our offering can be tailored to your specific requirements, equipment or systems.

Example packaging gas
Nitrogen is often used as a packaging gas in combination with carbon dioxide to displace oxygen from the food packaging. Degradation processes are inhibited and the product retains its color, structure and aromas. The protective gas also makes it more difficult for oxygen-dependent bacteria to grow.
In contrast to widely used preservation methods such as heating, fermentation or the addition of preservatives, the product remains unchanged and its quality and taste are not affected.


Take advantage of additional resources provided, such as the Industrial Fluid System Safety Checklist.

Swagelok Fluid System Products

Discover our high-quality products, including precision tube fittings, reliable ACME threaded fittings, high-function valves and more.

We offer tube fittings, adapters, PFA and pipe fittings, welded fittings, etc. You will also find high-purity Swagelok® Micro-Fit® connections for butt-weld fittings.

Reliable and with low maintenance requirements. Swagelok ® 40 and 60 series ball valves are known for their durability and adaptability to various system conditions. We also offer check valves, needle valves, metering valves, relief valves, and plug valves.

Pressure Regulators Swagelok offers spring-loaded and dome-loaded pressure reducing regulators and spring-loaded and dome-loaded upstream pressure regulators. We also offer specialty regulators that provide constant pressure and minimal control error at various pressures and flow rates. 

The PRS series pressure regulators and TBRS series regulators for inert gas blanketing meet FDA/USP Class VI requirements. They are made of 316L stainless steel and have EPDM seals. Maximum pressure of 232 psig (16 bar) and available with hygienic flange connections.

Hoses and flexible tubing
Series U hose and tubing and PFA tubing are ideal for systems that require high flexibility, kink resistance and chemical resistance. The ST series hoses and PTFE-coated hoses are very robust thanks to textile coating and silicone coating with stainless steel 304 reinforcement. We also offer hoses of the XT and S series for hygienic applications with clamp connections e.g. according to DIN 32676.

Explore our inhouse MANUFACTURED HOSES

We will be happy to assist you in selecting and assembling the appropriate products and configurations.


Training & Education

We offer training courses, support you with engineering and consulting services and ensure the flawless operation of your system.


Benefit from attractive offers for customised products, components or assemblies.

We will be happy to advise you. Send us an e-mail or call us at +41 56 4856161.