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Swagelok Switzerland

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how Swagelok can support you in the area of clean energy

The reduction or avoidance of fossil fuels is inevitable to mitigate climate change

At Swagelok, we understand the critical importance of this goal and offer solutions for sustainable and clean energy supply. In a market characterized by innovation and challenges, we recognize the increasing demands and work pressures, as well as the diversity of media that bring additional risks. Our commitment lies in providing innovative fluid system solutions that meet market standards and fulfill the highest safety standards.

Your trusted partner for clean energy projects

With decades of experience, we are your experienced and trustworthy partner for clean energy projects. Whether it's hydrogen technology, power-to-X, or direct carbon capture, we stand by you with expertise and support.

Swagelok unterstützt Ihren technologischen Anforderungen im Bereich saubere Energie
Swagelok is your experienced partner in the clean energy sector with a global network


Supporting the Implementation of Your Projects

We provide comprehensive support for the implementation of your clean energy projects. From planning to installation, we are here to ensure the successful realization of your project. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of energy production, from alternative fuels to sustainable energy, including compression, storage, transportation, and refueling facilities.

Our wide range of products and services is specifically tailored to the requirements of clean energy projects. From fittings to valves to tubing, we offer everything you need for a safe and efficient energy supply.

Get more info in our brochure Swagelok Products for H2 applications 



Application-Specific Solutions, Services and Reliable Support

Every application may have different requirements. Therefore, it's important to select components specifically optimized for each use case to ensure optimal performance and safety. Our experts are here to assist you in selecting the right components and supporting their integration into your overall system.

For planning and implementing projects involving alternative fuels, reliable support from experts is essential. From advising on material selection to integrating components into the overall system, competent support is crucial for project success. Our experts are available with their knowledge and experience to ensure that your project is implemented smoothly and successfully.

Learn more about our design and assembly services and where we can assist you in the design and implementation of your projects.

H2 storage
H2 storage tanks at EMPA in Dübendorf with Swagelok FK fittings

Recommendations for Secure Fluid Systems

Safety is our (and should be yours too) top priority. Learn more about our recommendations and solutions for secure fluid systems that meet market demands and provide the highest reliability.

When planning projects involving alternative fuels such as hydrogen or methane, the following aspects should be considered:

  • Proper Material Selection: Selecting the right materials is crucial, especially due to the specific challenges posed by hydrogen embrittlement. Hydrogen embrittlement can affect 316 stainless steel, which is commonly used in fittings, valves, and hoses.
  • Performance Under High Pressure: Components must be able to perform reliably under high pressures. This requires high-quality materials and constructions capable of withstanding extreme conditions.
  • Application-Specific Components: Each application may have different requirements. It is important to choose components specifically optimized for the particular use case to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  • Reliable Support: When planning and implementing projects involving alternative fuels, reliable support from experts is essential. From advising on material selection to integrating components into the overall system, competent support is crucial for project success.


FK Series fittings and adapters for medium pressure up to 1,378 bar (20,000 psig)

Just like in industrial applications, fittings and connections used with hydrogen in automotive applications must reliably withstand continuous pressure and vibrations.

For instance, cone and thread fittings are manually assembled, meaning the quality of the tube preparation depends on the individual assembler. In hydrogen applications, imperfections can have severe consequences because hydrogen does not forgive mistakes. The small hydrogen molecules can escape through even tiny gaps, so even the smallest leaks can become a serious issue.


TIP: With increased pressure, rising energy, and thus increasing potential hazards, it is advisable not to manually operate high-pressure valves but to automate them. We would be happy to provide you with a quote for powered needle valves, pressure regulators, etc., ensuring the maximum safety of your employees.


For these reasons, there is no way around efficient and reliable fitting technology such as Swagelok's FK Series to ensure safe operation.


Find below some reference projects in the area of clean energy

From hydrogen production, infrastructure to Power to x and Direct Air Capture-sites, we supported our customers in a variety of interesting project to create a more sustainable future.

- Mobile calibration of hydrogen refueling stations by METAS

- Hydrogen pilot plant MOVE bei der EMPA in Dübendorf

- Power-to-X with HEPP site at OST University in Rapperswil

- EDC/Wolftank Smartfueler in cooperation with Swagelok Austria

- Direct Air Capture from Climeworks


For further information and consultation, our experts are ready to assist you. Contact us today and learn how we can help you realize your clean energy projects.