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Swagelok Switzerland

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Swagelok Switzerland on Mission Hydrogen

Megatrend Hydrogen with Swagelok

Hydrogen is playing a key role, especially for mobility on the roads in Europe. Regularly, guests from the industry, politics and research met at Forums like EFCF or f-cell to discuss how the future of hydrogen and fuel cell technology could look like.




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Swagelok Switzerland takes the opportunities as such events to train the experts on the technology and presents its products on site.

Next to our services and products for fluid systems suitable for the production, storage, transportation and refueling of hydrogen we can support you in customized solutions around hydrogene. 

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Fcell booth

Swagelok representatives at the F-cell show Stuttgart 2020


24 Hours Hydrogen Challenge 2020/2021

The last 2 years, we participated with 3 teams at the 24 hours hydrogen challenge. Teams from all over the world drove across Europe in their fuel cell cars. Our teams of customers and employees were motivated and decided to be on the road this year again #24H2Challenge

Or some impressions from H2ello Swagelok Switzerland Team below:

Start of the 24h H2 Challenge in Konstanz Team Swagelok Switzerland H2Challenge

  Stop at Osterwalder St. Gallen Swagelok Hyundai Nexo rear view

Team Switzerland at marina Lucern


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