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Swagelok Australia & New Zealand

Your Authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Centres

Keeping Your Plant Online

Expertise you can rely on to evaluate system integrity and performance.

System Evaluations

World Leader in Reliability & Performance

Reliability of water has never been so critical, so partner with Swagelok®, the complete solutions provider. 

We can help evaluate your assets, leverage best practises and the latest in material science for corrosion solutions, giving you confidence and extending the life of your plant. Swagelok's global expertise in material science, product development and application solutions means you have a partner that can holistically look at your plant and offer a complete solutions.

Here are some of the ways Swagelok can support your wastewater, water treatment, sewerage treatment, de-salination or hydro power plant. 

How Swagelok Can Support You

Water Projects

Keeping Plant Online

Swagelok can help keep your plant online with high-quality products and onsite services that enable our customers to operate more productively, efficiently, and safely.


Swagelok's Field Engineering team can help evaluate leakage onsite and provide you with a detailed report, highlighting corrective actions. 


corrosion SPOTLIGHT

Dealing With Corrosion

Corrosion is a costly expense to the Water Industry. The deterioration of engineering materials, most commonly metals, by chemical interaction with their environment, is an extraordinarily costly problem.


Swagelok can support with special alloy, corrosive resistant materials like 2507 and 6 Moly, as well as Corrosion Training sessions to help educate your staff on best practices and preventative measures.

Safety Training

Installation Training

Swagelok's product quality is fully realised, with a comprehensive training plan for your staff. Investing in your own people boosts morale, reduces waste and increases productivity. Tube Fitting and Bending Essentials courses are specified by many Oil & Gas end users for their maintenance staff and contractors. View Training Calendar


Partner with a industry leader in training, to maximise productivity, reduce risk and maintain the highest level of safety. Contact Us

Request Your Copy - The Oil & Gas Insiders Guide

OG Insiders Guide Cover

When you partner with Swagelok, you connect to a technology leader. You gain access to high-quality fluid system components, training and a global network of knowledgeable associates who are passionate about helping you solve the tough problems you face in discovering new energy reserves.

You also connect to top-notch engineering, design, materials science, and logistics support. We know oil and gas, we understand the applications, and we know the standards and regulations. We can help you overcome challenges, like the harsh environments that produce conditions like corrosion,  hindering your operations.


Download a copy of the Swagelok Australia Oil Gas Insiders Guide to see how we give you the advantage