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Rely on local experts for help diagnosing a problem, designing a solution, or training your workforce.


Swagelok Fluid System Services

Your Resource for Fluid System Solutions and Optimization

Whether you want to increase plant safety and efficiency, improve fluid system health, reduce emissions, get new workers up to speed quickly, or simply catch up when your team is shorthanded, our fluid and sampling systems experts can help. Explore our service offerings, and contact your local authorized Swagelok sales and service center to find out how we can create a customized plan to help you reach your goals.

Explore Swagelok Services

Swagelok field engineer

Field Engineering

Tap into Swagelok’s vast network of field engineers located across the globe for help with troubleshooting and optimization of your fluid and sampling systems.

Evaluation and Advisory Services

Onsite Services

Boost system safety, performance, and efficiency with prioritized, actionable recommendations from Swagelok experts based on fluid and sampling system site surveys, hose advisors' observations, or steam system audits.

Custom Solutions

Design and Assembly Services

Come to Swagelok for design consultation and construction of high-quality standard and configurable fluid and sampling systems assemblies, from grab sampling and mechanical seal support systems to analytical subsystems and gas distribution panels.

Swagelok Training and Education Services


Discover a variety of training courses designed to enhance your critical skills for developing, building, and maintaining high-performing fluid and sampling systems, with topics covering everything from orbital welding to advanced tube bending, to sampling subsystem design.

Swagelok global construction

Global Construction Services

Swagelok offers fluid-system related project management services and additional support delivered by a dedicated team focused on industrial facility projects around the globe.

sales and service center business support

Business Support

Take advantage of purchasing, procurement, and inventory management support, and make the most of our product selection consulting services.

Swagelok Services Help You…

Promote safety

Promote Safety

Proper design and maintenance of your fluid systems is an integral part of protecting your people, property, and reputation. Our field engineers can help support achievement of your safety goals, identifying issues that can cause potential incidents or violations. Look to these specialists for:

Reduce costs

Reduce Costs

From expensive reworks, output inaccuracies, and specification deviations to downtime-inducing component failures and wasteful leaks, there are many ways in which fluid system-related issues can create cost for your business. Whatever is putting you under pressure to reduce costs, our field engineers can help. Look to Swagelok to help you reduce operating costs by identifying:

Increase uptime

Increase Uptime

Equipment downtime not only hurts your production revenue and strains your repair budget, but it also takes maintenance workers away from other important focus areas. We can identify issues with your fluid systems and make recommendations that can decrease system downtime and simplify ongoing maintenance requirements. We help with:

Optimize resources

Optimize Resources

If you’re being asked to do more with smaller budgets and fewer experienced staff, we can help you keep up. Our field engineers provide recommendations to help streamline system installation, improve the lifespan of components and equipment, reduce maintenance requirements, potentially improve output quality and profitability, and generally help you do more with less. We offer:

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Contact your local sales and service center to learn more about how Swagelok experts can help you find solutions to your most pressing fluid and sampling system challenges.

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