Here’s how PV SC-06 components get you
closer to grid parity.

You (and many others) specify semiconductor-grade fluid system components
for PV system designs. But semiconductor specifications far exceed what
you really need. And using pricy semiconductor parts pushes costs up, not down.

New Swagelok® PV SC-06 fluid system components are specifically cleaned and
packaged for photovoltaic applications. And they’re priced accordingly.

  • Reduce the cost of fluid system components.
  • Lower the cost to produce solar cells.
  • Maintain quality and performance levels.
  • Move one step closer to grid parity

From Swagelok Company, developer of the first PV-specific standard for
manufacturing stainless steel components: the SC-06 processing specification.

How much will PV SC-06 components reduce your costs?

Let an authorized Swagelok sales and service representative run some numbers.
Download the specification on our photovoltaic market page.