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Smart Products EDS Files

Smart Product EDS

Swagelok Smart Products - Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) for use with VCM and PTX

The EDS file is a structured ASCII text file that contains a description of the network configurable parameters inside a smart product device. The file enables network configuration tools to interpret data transmitted from the device and configure various device parameters.

Note: Altering the EDS in any way voids the product warranty.

To Download and Set Up the EDS file:

  1. Download the EDS file and icon file from the table below.
    • The files are compressed. WinZip® is needed to extract the files.
  2. Open your network configuration tool. (sold separately)
  3. Register the EDS using the network configuration tool.
  4. Connect the smart product device to the network.
  5. Scan the network for the device and configure it using the network configuration tool. 
Ordering Number  Product Description  Download Link
SS-VCM-D-6-2 or SS-VCM-D-6-0  Digital Valve Control Module with DeviceNet Interface Catalog EDS File for VCM 
SS-PTX-D-GXXX-SM-(Y) or SS-PTX-D-GXXX-S4-(Y) Digital Pressure and Temperature Transducer with DeviceNet Interface, PTX  Catalog EDS File for PTX 
SS-PTX-A-XXXX-XX-K Intrinsically Safe PTX Pressure and Temperature Transducer Catalog EDS File for Intrinsically Safe PTX Pressure and Temperature Transducer