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Gas Distribution Panels

Gas Distribution Panels by Swagelok Southwest

Gas Distribution Panels from Swagelok Southwest

We have added pre-built Gas Distribution Panels to our product offering:  Source Inlet Connection, Primary Gas Pressure Control, Point-of-Use, and Automatic Changeover.

These panels are designed to deliver gases from a high-pressure source to point of use, at the pressure and flow rate required for each application.

If you would like to explore these systems for use in your facility, we can start with a conversation about your requirements and guide you step-by-step through the selection process. Design support is included with your system purchase and is offered at no additional charge.

Learn more about these systems by watching this 30 minute video presented by Swagelok Product Manager, Karim Mahraz:



Click or tap each image to view the product literature:


Swagelok® source inlet (SSI) Gas Distribution Subsystem

Source Inlet Connection (SSI)

For installations where there is heavy gas usage or where extra control is needed prior to the Swagelok gas panel (SGP), a Swagelok source inlet (SSI) may be used  ...Read More 


Swagelok® changeover (SCO) Gas Distribution Subsystem

Primary Gas Pressure Control (SGP)

Swagelok’s gas panel (SGP) is used predominately to reduce gas pressure at or near the source prior to a larger gas distribution network  ...Read More


Swagelok® point-of-use (SPU) Gas Distribution Subsystem

Point-of-Use (SPU)

Swagelok’s point-of-use system (SPU) is the last point of control prior to the gas being used  ...Read More


Swagelok® gas panel (SGP) Gas Distribution Subsystem

Automatic Changeover (SCO)

A Swagelok changeover (SCO) is a special type of primary gas control system used when the continuous supply of gas is important  ...Read More



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