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Swagelok Southwest

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Onsite Inspection Services

Engineered to Take the Pressure Off of You: Onsite Services


Increase safety, optimize reliability, and reduce energy consumption through our Onsite Services. Our experienced experts will visit your facility and evaluate your systems, advise on enhancements, and help improve your operations.

Many of our customers' facilities are losing revenues through leakage. Can the leaks be identified? Can the costs be quantified? Yes and yes. The challenge is finding the extra time and resources needed to address these issues.

The team at Swagelok Southwest can help. We'll provide an on-site leak survey to fully investigate your facility, quantify costs of leakage, and provide recommendations for improvement.

What's Included?

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  • Pressure/Vacuum System Assessment. We use ultrasonic leak detection to find argon, helium, nitrogen, and CDA leaks as small as 1x10-3 cm3/s.
  • Visual Inspection. We examine your systems for potential safety hazards, misapplication of components, excessive wear, or damage.
  • Documentation. We tag, code, or catalogue every leak found, organizing details on size, location, and type of each leak in a clear report.
  • Root Cause Analysis. We analyze failed components in the lab to determine mode of failure and identify component changes needed to prevent future failures.
  • Roadmap to Savings. We provide detailed recommendations on which issues to address when, and how to improve energy efficiency overall.

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