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Swagelok Switzerland

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Orbital welding

Orbital welding

We provide this onsite service in Wohlen or you can rent  welding equipment 

Orbital welding does not require any additional material such as welding wire, resulting in a particularly smooth and precise weld seam. This ensures consistently high quality throughout the entire work process and enables a definable repeatability in production.

Do you have special requirements for the strength and shape of your weld seams? Then we have the solution for you with the efficient orbital welding device M200. Here you will find all information about the Swagelok welding system and other equipment that you can buy or rent from us.

welding system swagelok
View infos about M200 welding device

If you need welded pipes, screw connections or valves for your gas distribution, we can gladly take on these welding orders for you in Wohlen.

Be it for prototypes or series production; We offer you the following services:

  • pipe to pipe | pipe to fitting
  • Customization of a Customization | Installing a valve
  • valve a valve | valve to pipe
  • Hand welding and tacking
  • Orbital welding in the semiconductor industry

Orbitalschweissen in der Halbleiterindustrie
Orbital welding is commonly used on fluid systems in the semiconductor industry, which is one of Swagelok's primary markets.

What is possible

  • Working in tight spaces: clamping length 6.2 mm
  • Pipe O.D. from 1/16" to 4" (2 mm to 114 mm)
  • Materials: 316/316L/6LV/6LVV stainless steel
  • On request, you can receive test reports/reports for the welding area

If you have specific projects to implement or would like an offer, please contact us today or call +41 56 485 61 61
(we provide service for whole Switzerland and Liechtenstein in German, English, Italian and French)