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Brass Instrumentation Quick Connect Body, 0.2 Cv, 1/8 in. Female NPT, Low Profile Sleeve

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Body Material Brass
Connection 1 Size 1/8 in.
Connection 1 Type Female NPT
Bulkhead No Bulkhead
Cleaning Process Standard Cleaning and Packaging (SC-10)
Configuration Body
Flow Coefficient 0.2 - If coupled with a DESO stem, 0.3 - If coupled with a SESO stem
Size 1/4 in.
Air Inclusion 0.3 cm3
Body Valve Option Standard Body Valve
Lubricant Dow Corning 111
O-Ring Buna N
Paint No Choice For Paint
Plating Brite-Dip on Brass
Pressure Rating Coupled at Max Temp 250 PSIG @ 250 °F /17.2 BAR @ 121 °C
Pressure Rating Coupled at Room Temp 2000 PSIG @ 70 °F /137 BAR @ 21 °C
Pressure Rating UnCoupled at Room Temp 250 PSIG @ 70 °F /17.2 BAR @ 21 °C
Pressure/Temp_ Rating (Coupling and Uncoupling) 250 PSIG @ 70 °F /17.2 BAR @ 21 °C
Series Instrumentation Quick-Connect
Sleeve Low-Profile Sleeve
Spillage 0.3 cm3
Spring Standard Spring
Testing 0.3 cm3
eClass (4.1) 37110302
eClass (6.0) 37-02-05-90
UNSPSC (11.0501) 27121701
UNSPSC (4.03) 31163101

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