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Customer Spotlight - AGI Industries

13,500 Connections, Zero Leaks for AGI Industries With Swagelok® FK Series Fittings

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The Challenge

AGI Industries’ chemical injection skid systems require uncompromising, leak-free performance at 15,000 psi. Fixing valve and fitting issues can take dozens of hours in manpower and weeks of downtime.

FK medium pressure tube fittings

The Solution

Swagelok FK series valves and fittings with patented technology provide:

  • Easier installation
  • A superior seal
  • Greater tube compatibility
  • Leak-free performance

The Result

After installing FK series valves and fittings on nine chemical injection skids with 13,500 potential leak points, AGI Industries:

  1. Detected 0 leaks over 6,000 cycles
  2. Saved over 160 man-hours
  3. Realized up to 100x more valve cycles
AGI industries

AGI Industries

As a leading provider of packaged pump systems for the oil and gas industry, AGI Industries cannot endure setbacks caused by leaks or failure from its component parts. So when the company sought out a fitting and valve solution that could withstand 15,000 psi for the demanding needs of its chemical injection skids, they turned to Swagelok®.

Each of AGI’s chemical injection skids requires up to 1,500 individual connections — meaning 1,500 potential leak points. Once the skid is in operation, finding and fixing leaks require significant labor resources and can put production 12 to 14 weeks behind schedule.

Swagelok helped AGI identify a solution to meet the challenge: FKB series valves and FK series fittings. Featuring patented compression fitting technology, Swagelok’s solution is easier to install, offers a superior seal, and is compatible with a wider variety of tubing types when compared to common cone and thread technology. The FKB series valve handled 6,000 cycles of hydrotesting with no leaks, while other comparable ball valves leaked at 60 to 120 cycles.

“Swagelok has always been the one who listens,” said Tony Taylor, AGI Industries design systems analyst. “They work harder. There have been no problems at all with Swagelok, even with thousands of connections.”

AGI installed FK series products on nine skids. With 13,500 connections, zero leaks were recorded. FK series performance greatly reduced the risk of errors of traditional cone and thread valves, helping AGI save significant time and money.

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> Download a PDF of this customer spotlight story

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