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Sergio Huerga

Sergio Huerga, Vice President, Advanced Manufacturing and Quality

Sergio Huerga

Vice President, Advanced Manufacturing and Quality

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I was born and raised in a humble, low-income family in Argentina. My parents instilled in me the values of hard work and resiliency, as well as the importance of being curious and resourceful to face life challenges. Making great sacrifices to provide better opportunities for their children, my parents remain my ultimate heroes.

Growing up, I developed a deep passion for understanding how things work, problem-solving, and building things. Uncertainty about affording college led me to take a pragmatic approach. I attended a trade school where I learned welding, machining, woodworking, and electrical work. Through this hands-on experience, I developed a profound understanding of the practical aspects of manufacturing. I was later accepted into an engineering program and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electronics engineering (control and automation) from Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina.

My first job after college was with Procter & Gamble, which had recently expanded into Argentina. I was accepted into their leadership program, which accelerated my learning and gave me the opportunity to learn about leading organizations in international settings. This experience also sparked my desire to pursue the American dream, and I eventually became a U.S. citizen.

Since then, I’ve worked in industries ranging from consumer packaged goods, to food and beverages, to beauty products, and now industrial. I see every experience as an opportunity to learn how things are made and how people come together to create something amazing. The learning journey never ends.

When I first walked onto the shop floor at Swagelok, the manufacturing equipment and the smell in the facility took me back in time. All the good memories of being a teenager, who loved learning all the trade skills, came flooding back and made me feel as though I was coming home.

In my role as vice president, advanced manufacturing and quality, I’m excited to use the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career to build upon Swagelok Company’s strong foundation. Today, I see opportunities for us to use advanced manufacturing techniques to make work easier, repeatable, and sustainable, while we deliver exceptional quality and value to our customers.

As a leader, I like building teams and unleashing their power by providing clear direction, helping them to remove barriers, and supporting their development. I strive to be a servant leader, who works to ensure my team can be successful.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I am married, and we have two college-age children. We take every opportunity to spend time together. I enjoy volunteering to build homes with Habitat for Humanity and I also like cooking—I see the ingredients as building blocks, each one holding the promise of creating mouthwatering experiences.

In addition, I have a black belt in Tang Soo Do. When I earned my black belt, the sensei said, “It’s just the start,” and I believe that’s true with all life journeys.