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David J. Lucarelli

David J. Lucarelli, Chief Human Resources Officer

David J. Lucarelli

Chief Human Resources Officer

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I am energized by our workforce. My passion about people and development comes naturally to me, and I’ve always been focused on putting others first and building positive relationships. During the early days of my career, I came to learn that I wanted to be a part of a company that shared these values.

Although I had earned a degree in communications and public relations from Cleveland State University, the timing wasn’t right for landing a job in the field when I graduated. I broadened my job search and took a position in the recruiting department at Maxim Group, an IT consulting firm.

At the time, we were helping clients prepare for Y2K. My position was not just about finding the talent but also about building relationships. I was promoted to senior recruiter and then consultant liaison manager, and that role gave me even more breadth and depth of working with customers and managing people. It’s where I learned and honed my understanding of HR.

Next, I worked for a large, publicly traded company. I was afforded many opportunities and learned a great deal about program and budget management, but it was challenging for me to see so many decisions driven by quarterly financial results.

So when I interviewed with Swagelok in 2006, I was drawn in by the level of leadership, the long-term vision, and the passion that everyone had for the company. I joined the organization as an HR manager and was fortunate to gain experience through roles as director of manufacturing and functional areas, talent management, and global HR and business partnerships. I was named vice president of global human resources in 2018.

Today, as chief human resources officer, I am responsible for developing and executing human resource strategy in support of the organization’s overall business plan and strategic direction. I look forward to sharing my passion about our culture and our values, which continue to be critical to attracting, developing, and retaining talent. Building on our strong foundation, I am excited to help the organization broaden our capabilities related to succession planning, talent management, organizational and performance management to drive our long-term success

Throughout my career, I’ve gravitated toward those leaders who are selfless, who have a servant mentality. I struggle when I see leaders that do not put others first or do not look at coaching and developing their teams as a priority.

That’s why I view my accomplishments through the success of my teams. I look at how I am engaging associates, building trust, empowering others, and developing careers. When I see my associates growing and being promoted, I am proud to have been a part of their success. Our associates are willing to go above and beyond for their leaders and for the company, but it requires leaders to invest in their associates.

Leaders also have to lead from a level of positivity. If we’re not inspiring associates, we’re going to miss the opportunity to energize our teams in different ways. I’ve always felt that way, and I don’t know any other way to lead.

Too, I look at HR from a global lens, and I hope to inspire the team to operate at a different level of business partnership for the organization. Our subject matter expertise can only take us so far if we don’t truly understand the business and make that connection—to our brand and our customers.

I enjoy working with the Swagelok Foundation to support the various charities and helping the operating committee connect with board memberships. It’s such a strong area for Swagelok, and I’m proud of that work. I also serve on the American Cancer Society Board of Ambassadors and on the boards of the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission and Volunteers of America. There are so many opportunities to network and make connections to help get other companies involved with supporting these initiatives as well.

I am also married and have four children. We’re constantly running, but there’s beauty in having that stability outside of work.